Page 4: Features 2. Especially for the Li-xx battery, it can avoid the explosion due to the wrong operation by user. The charger provide balance port for Li-xx battery, including 2, 3 ,4,5,6-cell five balance port. Page 5 external temperature sensing line.

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Page 5: Warnings And Safety Notes Warnings and safety notes Never leave the charge unsupervised when it is connected to its power supply. If any malfunction is observed immediately terminate the process and refer to the operation manual. Keep away the unit from dust, damp, rain, heat direct sunshine and vibration. Page 6 -Do not attempt to disassemble the battery pack arbitrarily.

It may be composed of parallel and series connection mixed. In parallel link the capacity of the battery pack is multiplied by the number of cells but the voltage remains same. Page 8: Initial Parameter Set Up users Set Up Initial Parameter set up Users set up It will be operated with the default value of the essential user settings when it is connected to a 12V batttery for the first time.

The screen displays the following information in sequence and the user can change the value of parameter on each screen. The effective value ranges from 5 to 20mV per cell. If the delta-pack voltage is not detected nor the safety timer expired by any reason, this feature will automatically stop the process at the selected capacity value.

The beep sounds at every time pressing the buttons to confirm your action. To finish charging process earlier, this program eliminate certain term of CV process.

Page Discharging Lithium Battery The screen shows the present situation during charge process. Discharging Lithium battery The value of discharge current on the left side of screen may not exceed 1C for a maximum safety and the final voltage on the right should not be under the voltage level that is recom- mended by the battery manufacturer to avoid deep discharging.

The audible sound indicated you at the end of process. You can use this function for balancing, refreshing and break-in the battery. Page Discharging Pb Battery voltage should be matched with the battery being charged.

The screen displays the state of charging process. The audible sound indicates you at the end of process. Page Load Data Program battery type you set up. The example shows the battery pack of NiMH, 12cells and mAh of capacity. Set up the charge current for manual charge mode, or the current limit for automatic charge mode.

When you press DEC button the charger shows the establishment of user settings. And also you can monitor the voltage of individual cell by pressing INC button when the individual connection cable is linked to the Lithium battery being processed. Page Warning And Error Messages Warning and error messages It incorporates a various functions of protective and monitoring the system to verify functions and the state of its electronics.

In any case of occurring error, the screen displays the cause of error that is self- explanatory with audible sound.


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Turnigy Accucell-6 User Manual



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