Nuclein were discovered by Friedrich Miescher in He later also identified the nucleobases. Naked DNA can be found when transcriptional bursting is occurring. Nucleic acids were named for their initial discovery within the nucleus , and for the presence of phosphate groups related to phosphoric acid. The chemical methods also enable the generation of altered nucleic acids that are not found in nature, [15] for example peptide nucleic acids. Molecular composition and size[ edit ] Nucleic acids are generally very large molecules.

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Grot Kind code of ref document: Country of ref document: CN CNB zh Procede servant a produire une preparation complexe contenant des acides nucleiques. Multifunctional nanoparticles co-delivering Trp2 peptide and CpG adjuvant induce potent cytotoxic T-lymphocyte response against melanoma and its lung metastasis. RNA interference mediated inhibition of gene expression using chemically modified short interfering nucleic acid siNA.

Antisense oligomers and methods for inducing immune tolerance and immunosuppression. Request for preliminary examination filed prior to expiration of 19th month from priority nucleiqye pct application filed from In situ hybridization to detect specific nucleic acid sequences in eucaryotic samples. Layer-by-layer-assembled multilayer films for transcutaneous drug and vaccine delivery.

Can non-viral technologies knockdown the barriers to siRNA delivery and achieve the next generation of cancer therapeutics? Secuencia oligoribonucleotidica homologa a una region del cdna que codifica para el receptor cd40 humano y oligoribonucleotidos duplex, vectores, composiciones farmaceuticas y usos correspondientes.

Amorces nucleiue diagnostic et procede de detection des sous-types h5 et h5n1 du virus de la grippe aviaire. A1 Designated state s: Polymeres non charges a base de morpholine ayant des liaisons chirales phosphoreuses entre les sous-unites. Methods for amplifying and detecting multiple polynucleotides on a solid phase support. Antisense oligonucleotides for inducing exon skipping and methods of use thereof.

Oligonucleotides comprising a conjugate group linked through a C5-modified pyrimidine. Test de malignite test de depistage du cancer par la reaction en chaine de la polymerase. Apparatus and method for simplifying the processes in creating a sealed space on slides to conduct molecular biological reactions acdie. Sondas para construir polimeros de sondas, procedimiento para construir un polimero de sondas y uso del mismo. A1 Designated state acixe Methods of treating IgE-mediated disorders comprising the administration of high concentration anti-IgE antibody formulations.

Advances in the design and delivery of peptide subunit vaccines with a focus on toll-like receptor agonists. Mikrokapseln mit gesteuerter freigabe sowie deren verwendung zur stimulierung des nervenfaserwachstums. Date of ref document: CN CNB zh Immobilizing and processing specimens on matrix materials for the identification of nucleic acid sequences.

De Geest et al. Acide ribonucleique double brin presentant une efficacite accrue dans un organisme. Retrograde transport of sirna and therapeutic uses to treat neurologic disorders.

In-situ crosslinking hydrogels for combinatorial delivery of chemokines and siRNA—DNA carrying microparticles to dendritic cells. TOP Related Articles.


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