Follow TIME In his debut novel Amok, Polish author Krystian Bala describes the torture and murder of a young woman whose hands are bound behind her back with a cord that is then looped to form a noose around her neck. The author, 34, has been sentenced to 25 years in jail for having a role in the murder of a Polish businessman whose body was discovered in the river Oder with a cord binding his hands behind his back that was also looped into a noose around his neck. Bala, who has protested his innocence and who contends that the details in his book were gleaned from press reports, is planning to appeal, according to his lawyer. The body of the victim, Dariusz Janiszewski, showing signs of torture, was discovered by fishermen in the river Oder four weeks after he went missing in But police were unable to make progress in their investigation, and six months later they shelved the case. The publication of Amok, a sex-driven potboiler about a group of sadists recounting their exploits and taunting police revived speculation about the murder.

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Posted on November 19, by lml01 Krystian Bala was a piece of work. They realized it was a dead body and called police. Finding the victim had been a long shot — the area where the fishermen were fishing was not a popular spot. The deceased was a mess. The police carefully removed the corpse of a man and found a noose around his neck and his hands were bound behind his back.

Part of the rope, which appeared to have been cut with a knife, connected his hands to his neck, binding the man in a backward cradle, an excruciatingly painful position. The slightest wiggle would have caused the noose to tighten further, strangling him.

Whoever had killed the poor man used every form of sadism he could channel. There was no doubt that the man had been murdered. His body was clothed in only a sweatshirt and underwear and it bore marks of torture. A pathologist determined that the victim had virtually no food in his intestines which indicated that he had been starved for several days before he was killed.

The Victim year-old businessman Dariusz Janiszewski, had been tall, with long dark hair and blue eyes. He had been reported missing by his wife nearly four weeks earlier. Not a pleasant way to look upon her son for the last time.

Scuba divers plunged into the frigid river, looking for evidence. Forensic specialists combed the forest. Janiszewski and his wife, who had wed eight years earlier, had a brief period of trouble in their marriage but they had reconciled and were about to adopt a child. He had no debts or enemies, and no criminal record. The caller made an urgent request. I will not talk to you about this. Jacek Wroblewski In the afternoon in the fall of , Jacek Wroblewski, a thirty-eight-year-old detective in the Wroclaw police department.

Jacek is Jack in English and Wroblewski is sparrow. The unsolved murder was the coldest of cold cases and Wroblewski was drawn to it. A receptionist in the building was the last known person to see Janiszewski alive. She stated that he left his car, a Peugeot in the parking lot which his family said was very unusual: although he often met with customers away from the office, he habitually took his car.

Bala could have obtained it from someone else or purchased it at a pawn shop or even found it on the street. Like the works of the French novelist Michel Houellebecq, the book was sadistic, pornographic, and creepy. The main character who narrated the story was a bored Polish intellectual who spent his time drinking and having sex with women.

Krystian Bala In Bala married his high-school sweetheart, Stanislawa, or Stasia, as he called her. Stasia dropped out of high school and worked as a secretary. Bala insisted that he wanted to take care of Stasia and in their son Kacper was born. That year Bala graduated from the university with the highest possible marks. He left school to open his cleaning business.

He was not a good businessman. Whenever money came in instead of investing it in his company he spent it. By he had filed for bankruptcy. His marriage also collapsed.

She met Janiszewski at Crazy Horse. When she learned that Janiszewski had disappeared, Stasia asked Bala if he had anything to do with it and of course he said no. She did not pursue the matter believing that Bala, for all his tumultuous behavior, was incapable of murder. The Divorce The years and , during which time his business and his marriage collapsed and Janiszewski was murdered, had been especially troubled.

The novel did not qualify as evidence. Afterward the show posted on its Web site the latest news about the progress of the investigation and asked for tips. Wroblewski and his men carefully analyzed the responses. One of them twisted my arms behind my back; another squeezed my throat so that I could not speak, and could barely breathe. Meanwhile, the third one handcuffed me. They forced[me] into a dark-green vehicle and slipped a black plastic bag over his head.

They ordered me to lie face down on the floor. You motherfucker! Hi, boss! We got the shithead! So now what? At the meeting point? And what about the money? Will we get it today? Still, the theory seemed dubious. Once the police had that information officials traced all the telephone numbers dialled with that same card.

Over a three-month period thirty-two calls had been made. Standing in the middle of it, wearing a suit and peering out calmly through his spectacles, was Krystian Bala. He faced up to twenty-five years in prison. Bala noted that no one had seen him kidnap Janiszewski, kill him, or dump his body.

In early September, the case went to the jury. As the presiding judge, Judge Hojenska, read the verdict, Bala stood perfectly straight and still. He read the novel and though he had trouble understanding parts of it he thought it was an important work of literature. On his copy, Bala wrote an inscription to both his parents. It is bullshit. Excuse my language, but that is what it is.

Look, I wrote a novel, a crazy novel. Is the book vulgar? Is it obscene? Is it bawdy? Is it offensive? I intended it to be. This was a work of provocation. I mean, for the narrator to fuck her. You see, this is supposed to offend. They are constructing this reality and forcing me to live inside it. He was trying to get the files back. Does anyone know him from Chojnow?

The friend felt his trial could make for an interesting film project. Pisula began the process of getting financing for the film.

Then in , she read an article that Brett Ratner, a Hollywood producer and director was also planning on making a movie about Bala. The article also stated that Polish film director Roman Polanski would be involved in the project although Polanski never confirmed whether this was true.


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