Apparently his goal in life is to become a great delinquent, but he has a strangely levelheaded outlook on reality. His hobby is making what he calls Ango hotpot, basically a hotpot in the dark. Trivia add more His real name is Sakaguchi Heigo. When Ango was 15, a 2-meter tall dick made out of snow was found in front of his school one morning. When his former classmates flipped up his old desk, they found he had carved a message into the wood: "I shall become the grand delinquent, rising again one day in the annals of history.

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His most notable feature is a mole above his lip on the left side of his face. His normal attire consists of a pale brown double-breasted coat which is buttoned to the left, covering a tab collared shirt with a kobicha brown tie. His pants are the same color as his coat, with his shoes being roughly the same color as his tie. Personality For the most part, Ango is a composed, calm young man, showing more restraint than Osamu Dazai and more discipline than Oda Sakunosuke.

Although he values both as genuine friends, he strongly believes that Dazai needs someone to keep him from acting out as much as he does. He records everything from their background to family lives, and makes sure all close relatives are aware of their deaths, but is careful not to let on their connections to Port Mafia. As such, Ango values life a great deal.

However, after being shut down by both Dazai and Oda, Ango respectfully withdraws. Despite being useful, this ability can put a considerable amount of mental strain if the user had yet accustomed to it.

Ango confirmed this had happened in the past when his brain temporarily surrendered consciousness in order to sort an influx of large information gained from his ability. It was later believed that Ango is not a mere government worker, but instead, the leader of The Seventh Agency , as cited by Mushitaro Oguri , [6] which Ango denied upon his questioning, telling that it was a lie told by Fyodor Dostoevsky. He shows them the object of the deal, an antique watch.

Dazai asks if he has a camera, which he does, and all three take a photo together. The next day, he was reported missing right after he bid farewell to his friends the night before. This revelation creates a gap between him, Dazai and Odasaku.

Consequently, Ango takes his leave from their usual hangout, Bar Lupin. Dazai contacts Ango after 4 years, in the middle of the three-way organization war. Ango, along with two bodyguards, met with Dazai in a carpark. Dazai also points out that Ango knew that that situation will happen, and so kept his gun without bullets. Ango stops the car and asks Dazai to run and tell his subordinates in the Agency that they are in danger. Ango is later seen when Dazai visits him in a hospital.

Ango is severely injured, head covered in bandages and a cast on his right leg to his foot. Dazai then says that he brings good news: that Akiko Yosano will heal him from the injuries he sustained from the car crash, which turns out to be orchestrated by the Guild. Ango asks him what the price for that is, and Dazai plays innocent, pointing out that the Special Ability Department and the Armed Detective Agency always help each other out. Dazai asked for the Special Ability Department to make the necessary arrangements.

He asks Ango if it can be done. A moment later, clusters of fog start to rise around his feet as Shibusawa appears behind him, taking away Dazai. Ango later contacts Doppo Kunikida , reporting that the fog has engulfed the entirety of Yokohama, disconnecting Yokohama from the outside world and confirms that only the gifted are present after he manages to locate each of them.

The fog also causes the gifted to be separated from their ability, thus Ango Ango contacts Doppo Kunikida through the Armed Detective Agency office. Ango in his defense states that all he did was for the peace of the nation. Ango immediately requests control over the security forces and begins to search the building. Mushitaro Oguri, upon discovering that the Special Abilities Division has surrounded the building, becomes terrified when he discovers that Ango is currently searching the building.

Oguri claims that he heard of Ango before, referencing Ango as a member of The Seventh Agency, a criminal organization created by the government. Oguri uses his ability in order to escape by putting stolen cash above their heads while activating his ability, thus concealing the three of them. This proven effective as Ango and the Special Abilities troops has fallen for the trick.

Ango showing Oguri his dropped stolen cash. Ango examines the floor of the empty room using his ability only to discover there is no single trace of ability having been used. Oguri, looking evidently perplexed, asks Ango how he managed to discover the three of them.

Ango explains about his ability and the fact that he extracts memory from the dropped cash that they have been using to conceal themselves. Ango pushes Atsushi into the sewer. But instead of turning them in, Ango pushes them into the sewer, helping them escape. Furthermore saying that Dostoevsky will think that they are against each other, while in fact, he and Dazai have been allies from the start.

Ango then explains that he is not a member of The Seventh Agency and the rumors were in fact, one of Dostoevsky lies that was told to Oguri to prevent them from seeing each other. Every one of their lives must have some meaning.


0369 Sakaguchi Ango

La famiglia Sakaguchi, le cui origini risalgono al periodo Tokugawa , era un tempo detentrice di grandi ricchezze, andate assottigliandosi nel corso degli anni. Nella rivista, che si occupava principalmente della traduzione e promozione di opere letterarie francesi, videro la luce anche degli inediti dei membri partecipanti, [19] fra cui il primo lavoro di Ango. Ebbe con lei una relazione complicata e destinata a rimanere platonica, dopo la scoperta del suo legame con un altro uomo. Verso che luogo? Riguardo alla farsa. Il villaggio di Daigo. Persone che cercano lo spargimento del proprio sangue del

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Ango Sakaguchi

In he wrote his most famous essay, titled "Darakuron" "On Decadence" , which examined the role of bushido during the war. It is widely argued that he saw postwar Japan as decadent, yet more truthful than a wartime Japan built on illusions like bushido. Ango was born in , and was the 12th child of He was born in the middle of a Japan perpetually at war.

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