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He began his YouTube channel in June , documenting the Indian subcontinent and the post-Soviet states before expanding to the rest of the world; as of March , his channel has around 1. Rich had a long history of travelling. He has stated that his admiration started with an interest with Belarusian gymnast Svetlana Boginskaya during his adolescence, but it was during a two-month long stay in Moscow in that his interest in the place started, as he was there to witness the Russian constitutional crisis.

On 12 April , Rich released the book The Burning Edge: Travelling Through Irradiated Belarus , under the pen name Arthur Chichester , which describes his experiences travelling through the parts of Belarus affected by the Chernobyl disaster. He predominantly films on his smartphone , he is noted for aiming to "show the lives of real locals, away from the tourist spots and Starbucks coffee". Since , Rich has been accompanied in his videos by his friend Alina Adzika.

Adzika is a Belarusian national and a structural engineer based in Prague , she is an extreme travel and adventure enthusiast, she is referred to by Rich as "Alinchik" in his videos. She is a polyglot and acts as a translator for Rich in more complex Russian conversations, as well as the Czech and Belarusian languages. She is referenced in the credits as assisting with editing his book on Belarus, The Burning Edge.

This was followed by two men who approached Rich, inspected his documents, gave him 30 minutes to leave the area. Following a November video filmed in Chechnya , Rich was criticised on the Radio Free Europe website Caucasus Realities for referring to a local woman as "chick" and for laughing about sharing a train compartment with her.

That month, Hindustan Times reported on how he exposed scams against tourists in Delhi Airport , from inflated prices to rickshaw drivers and false claims. Rich admits that he struggles with the grammar, he has shown an intermediate level of Hindi in his videos. Chichester , A.. Hamilton reached the level of 3rd degree black belt. He was the younger brother of Judd Hamilton. Hamilton was a songwriter and session musician.

When the brothers came to LA, Pat said to his brother Lolly. Hamilton joined; the group became a support act for the Beach Boys. Hamilton composed several songs for The Ventures. Diamond Head became. For the week ending March 13, , "Diamond Head had moved up two notches from 4 to 2 in the Hong Kong Top Ten; the following week it had reached 1 there. The song sold more than 1,, copies there, it was a hit in Iran and got to 70 in the US. Album, released in Around , he was a member of The T-Bones.

They were called The Brothers. Hamilton was the guitarist and main songwriter for the group. Key was born in Bath and trained at the nearby Bristol Old Vic Theatre School , her stage career included stints with the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company , alongside touring and fringe productions.

Between and Key appeared in four horror films, as well as the sex comedy Percy and the historical drama Lady Caroline Lamb , her only other cinema appearance came in Nineteen Eighty-Four , although she featured in several made-for-TV dramas, including the role of Charmian in the Jonathan Miller production of Antony and Cleopatra for the ambitious BBC Television Shakespeare project.

Key became a familiar face on British television through many guest appearances in a wide variety of popular series ranging from crime and espionage through to comedy. Key married actor Gawn Grainger in ; the couple had two children. Key died of cancer on 26 July , aged She was a high-spirited beauty with an acerbic style and talent that were her own.

The film tackles the notion of sexual abuse of students, but director Marco Berger flips the dynamic. When the film won the " Teddy Award for Best Feature" by the Teddy Award Independent Jury at the Berlin International Film Festival , the judging committee praised it as a film with "an original screenplay, an innovative aesthetic and a sophisticated approach, which creates dynamism. A unique combination of homoerotic desire and dramatic tension. The small cast is well-chosen and de Pietro, in his first film role, is a real discovery who opens up his character of Martin in surprising ways.

It was released on November through Supreme Team Entertainment.





Apeiba membranacea Spruce ex Benth.


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