Tweet Every day, in so very many ways, people from all walks of life avoid taking responsibility for their actions, using denial and obstructive tactics. Even something as simple as accepting responsibility for parking their car outside the designated zone is unacceptable to them. A good example of this is what Gay Hendricks, a relationship specialist, tells in his books of the time he spent working in the American prison system. Almost every single person that had been incarcerated stated to Hendricks that the responsibility for being in prison was not theirs.

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Start your review of Avoiding Commitment Avoiding, 1 Write a review Shelves: favorites , tearjerkers , childhood-loves , love-triangles , shocking-twists , listened-to-audio-version , forbidden-romance , rich-guys , hate-that-i-love-them , sweet-heart-warming-stories Wow!

I am still trying to get my emotions - mainly anger - under control after reading this one. I have not wanted to pummel a hero like this in a long time! The story begins in present-time, with Lexi receiving an unexpected phone call from an old friend, Jack. Clearly, the two had an intense Wow! Clearly, the two had an intense history and Lexi never recovered from whatever Jack did to her. Almost immediately, I wanted to strangle Jack.

With the obvious heartache that Lexi was still harboring, he calls and asks her to convince his new girlfriend that he is capable of commitment. Say what? I was like, "This guy has some damn nerve! She agrees to do this "favor" for her old "friend". I knew that it would play out that way, but I was still like "Oh, hell no! After all, the story had to go somewhere. It is so obvious that neither one has ever really gotten over the other one. The girlfriend, not surprisingly, ends up being a royal bitch.

I loathed Bekah. After all, she loved Jack and he was messing around with Lexi all the time. As their story unfolds through repeated flashbacks, it becomes clear that this is a long-standing pattern of behavior between Jack and Lexi. Lexi and Jack meet in college and always seem to find their way back to each other. From their first date, Lexi is hooked. Jack has a girlfriend! She, rightfully, walks out on Jack and tells him exactly what a scumbag he is.

Yay, Lexi! I was feeling all indignant and high on my "girl-power" mojo. Picture me walking around my kitchen with my headphones on, drinking a glass of wine and cursing Jack while making dinner. Through mutual friends, their lives are intertwined. This is where I started wanting to shake some sense into Lexi. You know that saying, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice No matter what this guy did, she caved and fell for his charms again and again. It was incredibly frustrating.

I guess I kind of fell for his charms too. Jack is definitely a character that I loved to hate. At the same time, I was incredibly conflicted because she did her fair share of harm to others in her pursuit of Jack. Part of me questioned whether or not Jack ever truly cared about Lexi at all.

Regardless of what my heart says, my brain says that Lexi should have some self-respect. Honestly, the things that Jack did were inexcusable. The ending of this book really threw me for a loop. I could not believe it! I wanted to throw a temper tantrum.

That being said, I could not pull myself away from this story. I immediately jumped into the next book in the series and have marathon read the entire series in a couple of days. It was like watching a bad wreck unfold in front of my eyes. Holy hell! Check out more of my reviews at www.


Avoiding Series

Even though Lexi epitomizes poor choices and a lack of self-respect, I cannot get enough of her story. Back in New York City, Lexi is left to lick her wounds. Talk about a nightmare! I spent a fair amount of time moping around, grieving and alternately raging, with Lexi for most of this book. It was just so unfair!

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Avoiding Responsibilities in Life



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