Anew: Two years ago, Scarlet awoke in the forest alone, afraid, and unable to remember. E-book; Verschijningsdatum: april ; Ebook formaat: Adobe ePub.. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Chelsea lives in Phoenix, AZ where she spends most of.

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No, no, no! He shifted her gently, drawing her closer to his body. Suffocating in fear, he cupped the side of her face with a shaky hand. Come on. He searched…and searched…. He blinked away more tears and searched some more…. At last, he found it. She was still alive. But she had a pulse. His hand traveled over the soft skin of her back to where the deadly arrow still protruded. Blood poured from the wound, soaking his fingers in warmth.

No, no, no…. The moonlight lied. The sound cut through the trees and pierced Tristan in the gut. Out of breath. Desperately searching for Scarlet. Gabriel choked, running his hands over her body. His voice came out cracked and twisted. Not again. Not like this. There was barely a hint of panic in his voice. Tristan opened his eyes to look at his friend, but refused to let Scarlet go. I can feel her. I can still feel her. All were vacant. Leaning in, Nate looked at Tristan sternly.

Gabriel followed after him. Wiping his face with a shaking hand, Tristan pulled himself upright and stumbled forward.

The world started spinning—the dark clouds and bright stars above swirling into one another like a milky whirlpool. He tried to find his balance, but it was no use. Nothing about the world was right anymore. Balance was impossible. Scarlet was on the verge of death and it was his fault.

Choking on his heart and coughing through tight lungs, Tristan made his way back to the cabin. He was a practiced marksman, that much was certain. But his target, an unsuspecting deer in the distance, was too far away for even the best of hunters to hit.

From where she stood, Scarlet could not determine what age the stranger was. He looked like a boy, but moved with the confidence of a man. He wore fine clothes with a patch on his arm displaying an unfamiliar family crest, and his dark hair curled against the back of his neck in the morning heat. His movements were smooth and silent as he retrieved a long arrow from the quiver at his back and drew on his bow. Patiently, he waited; his eyes steeled, his body motionless. The deer was grazing alone, looking up skittishly every few minutes.

The shot was impossible, not only because of the sheer distance the arrow would have to travel, but also because of the numerous trees that stood between the stranger and his target.

The arrow would have to be launched with incredible strength and fly error-free if he wished to hit his mark. It shot through the morning forest, silent and swift. And the deer fell to the earth. Scarlet was so impressed, she nearly forgot why she was hiding behind the tree. Creeping out quietly, she trailed the man for many yards as he walked to claim his prey, keeping herself invisible within the forest.

Once the stranger reached the deer, Scarlet moved from the shadows and pulled out her own bow and arrow. Startled, the stranger whipped his head toward her and went for his bow. She watched his chest rise and fall with a deep breath. She was a bit of a spectacle, she supposed, with her dark hair falling loose down her back and her cloak undone around her dress. Most girls did not hunt alone.

And surely none ventured into the deep forest of the earl. But Scarlet was not most girls. She had not seen an animal worth eating in months, and certainly none as large as a deer. Her spirits lifted at the thought of returning home with meat for dinner. He looked at her for a long moment. It landed exactly where she wanted it to: a tree trunk in the distance.

The entertainment left his face and, while he was busy checking his neck for blood, Scarlet drew another arrow. Wild game had been scarce as of late, making the earl greedier than usual. This stranger could be put to death for taking a deer from the eastern forest,as could Scarlet, if she were ever caught.

She thievedand huntedhere nearly every day. But she had no choice. She needed food. Happy birds chirped out their morning song as minutes fell between Scarlet and the stranger. The hunter crossed his arms in front of his chest. He shrugged. If we split the deer, and you lower your bow, then we shall both have food today.

Against her better judgment, Scarlet lowered her arrow, her arm grateful for the reprieve. She curled her lip. He was too trusting. A hunter like him was sure to die young. Scarlet slowly put her bow and arrow away as well, andretrieved her jagged hunting knife from her belt. She raised her eyebrow as she walked around him and kneeled beside the deer. He was handsome. He looked carefree and strong and she thought of how he probably had a family somewhere that he was trying to provide for.

Guilt stung her soul. But survival quickly soothed it. Scarlet blinked away the handsome hunter and started cutting into the fallen creature. He watched her for a moment. You are quite small. I could probably shove you away from my kill with one hand and run off with the deer without sharing. She felt no threat from the hunter. In fact, she felt as though he was amused with her. And you speak without fear, which is refreshing only because you are a girl covered in the blood of a deer. What is it you steal for?

He smiled. You, however, are a young girl who hardly looks broken. She quickly looked away. Scarlet paused and looked at him warily. Why was he speaking to her?

Why did he care? The hunter spoke quietly. What if he had a baby to feed? Or a sick wife? An elderly father? He was silent for a long time as his eyes canvassed her appearance. Standing up, he started walking away.


The Archers of Avalon Series

Hell, even the illiterate. But sometimes love Seventeen-year-old Scarlet has just died. This time, though, she comes back to her current life instead of awaking in a new one, and she realizes the curse is changing. Thank goodness! I love it.


[PDF] Awry Book (The Archers of Avalon) Free Download (495 pages)

Heather paused. I feel safe now. Outside, the wind howled, making the small hut creak and moan in protest. The sun had set hours ago and the storm had grown more violent in its absence. The forest was a black mess of wind, rain, thunder and lightning. But inside,there was nothing but the thick fog of uncomfortable silence.


Wet, soft and hot, Scarlet had never felt anything so blissful. With Heather. Heather rubbed her hands together. What the—? I did not picture a mansion with a hundred windows and a four-car garage. Nate opened the door and looked at Scarlet, then at Heather, then back to Scarlet. Nate, Heather.

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