Done properly, it serves as a form of Yoga. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram Composed from various sources related to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn by Take a steel dagger in the right hand or use the index finger. Face EAST. Perform the Cabbalistic Cross as follows: Imagine, at the first word intoned, a brilliant white light descend from above. Touch the forehead and vibrate ATEH thou art Imagine that same brilliant white light form a 6 inch diameter sphere just above the crown of your head.

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It is an especially great practice for highly sensitive people and healers! Many of us suffer from these energy fields without awareness of it. The only way to know for sure is to draw a boundary around your energy to keep unwanted other energies out, and see if there is a significant difference.

The LBRP takes about 40 seconds to do once you know it. Personally I like to stretch it out to take up about a minute and a half. For maximum benefit, the LBRP should be done at least three times a day. When you wake up, do it in your bedroom. Before you go to sleep, do it in your living room. On your lunch break at work, do the LBRP quietly somewhere, even in the toilet stall. First we have the longer explanation of the LBRP, then the short form you can read to remind you what to do.

The figures can be imagined as female or male, as you choose. The words can be spoken strongly, or sung, as you choose. Here we go. Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram Part 1. Reach up with your right hand and grab the light. Now when you touch yourself with that hand part of the light will go into you. Touch your forehead as you say "Atah. Touch your pelvis at the pubic bone and say "Malkuth". Let it fill with light. Touch your right shoulder and say "Ve Geburah".

Touch your left shoulder and say "Ve Gedulah". Hold your hands in prayer over your heart and say "Lee-ohlam". Feel your whole body fill with the cross of light. Say "Amen" pronounced "Ah-mayn. You can read it for yourself in the bible. I am sure that you have seen Catholics cross themselves. This is a similar practice, at least on the surface. You can use this Qaballistic cross anytime of the day to give you a spiritual charge.

It takes about three seconds to do once you know the words and motions by heart. Part 2. The Pentagrams Face East. If this is not possible pick any direction and just pretend that it is East. East is where the sun rises. Before you in the air draw a giant pentagram 5 pointed star, standing upright: This is done by using your right index finger, or if you prefer use the whole hand. Start by pointing down by your left hip, toward the left foot. Draw an imaginary line in front of you, from left foot up above your head.

Now over toward your left, at shoulder height. Then across to the right, shoulder height. Lastly back down to the left, the starting point. Now imagine that pentagram shining in front of you. Electric blue is a nice colour to see it in. Take a step forward with your left foot. Just the left. Leave your right one where it is.

The size of the step will be determined by your space. Take a tiny one in the bathroom stall. Take a Giant one in the living room. Take a medium one in the bedroom. At the same time you step forward thrust your open hands, side by side, palms downwards, into the pentagram. As if you are diving in. You say one of the names of God. Here, at the first pentagram you will say "Yud Hey Vau Heh". This is the spelling out of the Name "Jehovah" or "Yahweh".

In Hebrew it is not permitted to say this name out loud so we spell it. Now step back with your left foot so it is once again beside your right foot. Touch your right index finger to your lips like you are making the "Shhh no talking" gesture.

Point your right index finger to the center of the pentagram and make a quarter turn to your right. As you do so, draw an imaginary arc of white light around to the next direction.

You are now facing South. Do the same thing here. Draw and see the pentagram the same way, enter it the same way but say "Adoni.

Step back and make the "Shhh" gesture and then point to the center and once again make a quarter turn to your right drawing an arc of white light. You are now facing West. In the West do the same as the previous to but say "Eh-heh-yeh. So these words mean "I am". Move to the North in the same manner as before; a quarter turn to your right while drawing an arc of imaginary white light. So do the pentagram etc. The name this time is "Agla". They mean "Thine is the power forever my Lord.

You are now standing in the center of a circle of white light. At each quarter there is a giant electric blue pentagram. Feels pretty good eh? It gets better. Now we post a guard at each pentagram. Part 3. Invoking the Archangels Open up your arms. Stretch out like you are a cross: feet together, arms out at shoulder height. Call the guards to their posts. The guards are: Raphael in the East. Raphael is an Angel warrior with a keen intellect who has many legions at his disposal.

He has the power of Air. He likes to wear Yellow trimmed with Purple. His favourite weapon is the staff. Gabriel in the West.

Gabriel is also an Angel warrior. She can feel danger coming and defeat it before it attacks. She likes to wear Blue with Orange trim. She has the power of water. Her legions are uncounted. Michael is in the South. He carries a flaming sword and likes to wear Red trimmed with Green. He is fast and lethal. His armies are unnumbered. Auriel is in the North. Auriel will take the brunt of assaults. He is strong and stout. He carries a big shield to offer protection.

He dresses in Browns and Olives. He may wear camoflage.


Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram

The text originated as a traditional Jewish prayer said before sleeping, [2] as documented by Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch in The Hirsch Siddur [Feldheim Publishing, ], which reads as follows: In the Name of God, the God of Yisrael : may Michael be at my right hand, Gabriel at my left, Uriel before me, Raphael behind me, and above my head, the presence of God. Equipment[ edit ] Although some orders suggest that magical equipment is needed to perform the LBRP, the original Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn did not use any[ citation needed ]. However, a modern approach might include the following: An altar in the center of the ritual space, upon which are placed instruments representing the four Classical elements A ceremonial robe e. This is meant to construct an astral cross in the body of the magician, with points corresponding to Sephiroth on the Tree of Life. This segment of the ritual is meant to banish or invoke the four elements Air, Fire, Water, and Earth respectively.


LBRP: The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

This ritual is considered by many to be a basic preliminary to any other magical work, so much that it was the only ritual, beside initiation rituals, taught to members of the Golden Dawn before they advanced to the Inner Order. The ritual is highly dynamic, using gesture, visualization and the pronunciation of certain words of power, combining prayer and invocation as well as clearing and preparing a space for further magical or meditative work. The text originated as a Jewish prayer, as documented by R. However a modern approach might include the following: An altar in the center of the ritual space, upon which are placed instruments representing the four elements. A tau robe or other suitable ritual garb worn by the magician. A dagger or sword, which is used to gesture to the points of the Qabalistic Cross, and to draw the pentagrams and the circle connecting them.

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