Of course with so many features packed in for the money, how good could the audio experience be? Read on to find out what we think. Features, Features, Features A quick visit to the product page of the BDV-NW will reveal that Sony has shoehorned quite a lot into their premium home theater system: there are no less than 22 individual features listed. While a good number of these are likely to be considered worthless fluff by most do we really need "Football Mode"? The center speaker interestingly features a different configuration: a 20mm tweeter and a pair of 60mm woofers in a vented alignment, while the surround speaker shares the 20mm tweeter of the center channel and mates it with an 80mm woofer from the main speakers. The subwoofer if you want to call it that boasts a mm 7" woofer in a vented alignment.

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Lots of people browsing it through search engine to purchase this product with most affordable price. Plus, easily connect your smartphone with one-touch Bluetooth pairing1 to start streaming your music instantly. With built-in Wi-Fi access blockbuster movies, shows, music, and more-right on your TV2.

A premium 5. Built-in Wi-Fi2 for easy setup and unlimited streaming choices with the Sony Entertainment Network Connect to the internet without the hassle and clutter of network cables with Built-in Wi-Fi. Also, access apps specifically designed for your TV including Health and Wellness apps. Utilizing Near Field Communication and Bluetooth, connect and wirelessly stream music1 from your smartphone or tablet by touching them together just once.

No NFC, no problem Damperless speakers with Magnetic Fluid Each individual speaker driver is damperless and has magnetic fluid technology that minimizes sound distortion providing for an enhanced sound quality and clearer reproduction of original sound sources. With the S-Force Pro 3D Front surround sound technology feature, you can setup all the 5 speakers in-front of the viewing area and still experience simulated surround sound.

Also with Narration Cancellation, you can minimize the play-by-play commentary for an even more realistic stadium experience. Easily perfect the audio settings of your system with the auto DCAC DX audio calibration All rooms have unique acoustic properties from its type of walls to its dimensions.

The DCAC DX system automatically measures all the acoustic variables and optimizes the audio settings to provide the best sound experience for each individual viewing room. Experience movie sound as the director intended it to be Experience movies as the directors intended them to sound like with Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD Master Audio modes19 that re-produce high definition, discrete sound for uncompromised quality.

It Improves the quality of the audio by extending audio bandwidth and adding missing harmonics to improve brightness, clarity and presence so you hear a deeper, more resonant bass and crystal clear highs. The end result…your music sounds the way it was intended to sound by the artist who made it.

Socialize with your on-line friends while you watch TV Share your thoughts with your friends on Facebook and Twitter via your TV with the Socialize application Learn more about your movies with Gracenote Gracenote searches across internet apps and external services such as YouTube and Video Unlimited to provide you with detailed information on a wide-variety of movies.

Start enjoying your movies faster The home theater system quickly loads and starts your Blu-ray and DVD discs so you can start enjoying your movies within seconds. Compare Chart.


Sony BDV-N7100W - home theater system - 5.1 channel Specs



Sony BDV-N8100W - home theater system - 5.1 channel Specs


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