It contains a vast number of unique methods and theories, each one potentially more complex and time-consuming than the other. Sa id reduces this complexity and takes all of the myth and mystery out of producing. By giving rare insight to Hip Hop-Rap production and the entire process that surrounds it, he decreases the time that Hip Hop-Rap music production is an artcraft. By giving rare insight to Hip Hop-Rap production and the entire process that surrounds it, he decreases the time that it usually takes to develop a sound understanding of it.

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Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts fiend. In regards to my book being for "producers of any level" IT IS. Also, in the introduction of the BeatTips Manual, I make it clear that advanced producers can skip ahead, as their needs and interests dictate.

In this regard, the book IS for producers of all levels. For instance, the information on Production contracts, shopping beats, extra fine-tuning, and the like was especially intended to help those producers who were more skilled, and thus ready to move up to the next level of production. I speak to over 20 producers a day! About half of which are advanced And the interesting thing is how many extras they admittedly pick up from reading BeatTips over and over, in its entirety.

In any event, in your posts you have completely tried to devalue a resource that has proven to be extremely valuable for thousands of people. Most people, especially newer producers, log on to FP for help! Unfortunately, many of these same people find themselves under attack for asking basic questions that MOST of us had when we first began producing. But then, there are FP members who have little to no experience at all with instruments or production equipment.

And more often than not, these FP members are ridiculed, disrespected, and continuously told how "stupid" their questions are. This is one of the biggest problem with Hip Hop-Rap Music. Many people correctly identify it as an art I would even say a fine art. However, none of these people actually treat as such. I looked at FP as a strong force, in the process of enabling new production pioneers.

Bottom line: YOU are dissatisfied with the book that I wrote Cool, point taken.


BeatTips Manual is a beatmaker’s bible

What is the BeatTips Manual? At the core it is a producers love for the art, history, and technique of beat making. The manual starts with a few chapters on the history of Hip Hop as an art form, why and how it started, then goes through the process of the first beatmakers, the djs, on up to beat making as a skill and art. After that you get into the various eras of hip hop beat making…. Complete with a nice and thorough chart going from sample based up to keyboard and computer based, documenting and explaining the tools of the various styles of production. From there you jump into a journey of learning the various types of beat making tools, setups, and what sound each tool is best for.


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