This book is a roller-coaster of wacky and snark. The Corporation starts us out by talking to readers directly, telling us not to be afraid. Yeah, okay. Then it describes a plane crashing. On board are teen beauty queen contestants from all 50 states. She is Taylor Rene Krystal Hawkins, and she is extremely bossy and even more perky.

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Start your review of Beauty Queens Write a review Shelves: check-your-brain-at-the-door , chick-lit , ya-fiction , disappointing , reviewed-books , grrrl-power , pirates Preheat oven to degrees.

Whip until nice and fluffy. Just make sure one Preheat oven to degrees. Just make sure one is much more intelligent then the others , a handful of henchmen, a handful of open-minded hot guys with British accents, one hot eco-"terrorist", one crazy-go-nuts dictator, copious amounts of satire, and oz.

Stir until well blended. Batter will be slightly lumpy. Pour into cupcake pans cuz cupcakes are all the rage, yo! Bake for: 35 minutes. Let cool. Whip until creamy. Frost cupcakes then sprinkle with way too many unnecessary footnotes. Top each cupcake with a maraschino cherry that has been laced with an organic hallucinogen. Take those cupcakes and dumb them down.

Dumb them down again. One more time Real review to be posted after the weekend. It was okay, overall. They were fun for the first few chapters, then they became an irritation.

At times it was so overdone it only inspired sighs of frustration, eye-rolling and thoughts of, "that would have been funny if" or "that could have been more powerful if" from me.

I felt as though I was watching one of those really bad read: not funny movie parodies, like Dance Flick, or Epic Movie. Yes, at times Beauty Queens is that much of a punishment, and then some.

What about it? All those rules and shalt nots. They were no longer waiting for some arbitrary grade. They were no longer performing. They were becoming. They were. Girlfriend is preaching to the choir the entire time. And at no point does this book challenge one to think. You wanna sell me on something? Give me a chance to think for myself. Show me both sides of the argument. Let me draw my own conclusions.

Even if that is the case with some teenage girls, I fail to see how shoving a message down their collective throats--be it negative or positive--is the way to go about building up self esteem, or fixing identity issues.

Moving on But like I said earlier, she took the satire, the tongue-in-cheekiness, way too far. Beauty Queens is obnoxious. Beauty Queens has two really stupid blondes from the south, a really slutty girl from the midwest, a super sexually repressed girl from the upper-midwest, two minorities, a crazy pageant-head from Texas, A stereotypical lesbian, and a girl who is hearing impaired.

There were a few others who had even less going for them. Ms New Mexico, for example, had a tray table embedded in her skull. That was her only defining quality throughout the entire book. I kid you not. The rest of the ladies? Were really irritating and irrational and totally rubbed me the wrong way--go figure. You know how every chick flick has at least one painfully ridiculous cringe-worthy scene?

The sort of scene that makes you wonder how stupid Hollywood thinks women are. Or the entire length of the movie Mama Mia? Yeah, this book has that. It ENDS with one of those scenes. Read this book or not. Oh, yeah, I forgot. No one wants to read about ugly people falling in love.

No electricity. No cabins. No toilets or showers or mirrors. No boys. Just a bunch of girls forced to sleep in tents with a bunch of other girls their same age. Wanna guess what THAT was like? Hell on earth. I hated it. Adolescent girls are mean. You think Lord of the Flies is insane? At the very least there would be a few violent cat fights.


Beauty Queens

Early life[ edit ] Libby Bray was born in Montgomery, Alabama. She and her family moved to West Virginia for a brief period, then to Corpus Christi, Texas and finally to Denton, Texas , where Bray attended high school. She had to undergo thirteen surgeries over six years to reconstruct her face, and has an artificial left eye because of the accident. As a budding playwright , she felt it important to be in New York City.


Libba Bray


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