My old workflow attzch as follows:. More importantly, bibdesk allows you to link all those files to the same record, which Papers still does not allow at least easily. Hi Victor, Bibsesk was just having the same problem with BibTex export — are you willing to share your script? I would not buy it if I knew this in advance. BibDesk autogenerates cite keys based on a user-defined format.

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Like 3 Rae 24 July I was very happy to see a free app that dose the job as reference manage, however,it crashes easily. Just then I tried to use this app again to see if it had improved, but it crashed the moment I started.

Thinking back, I still remember the frustration of needing to attach files by hand which bugs me when I have lots of PDFs. The worst thing is that when it crashes, I lost all the data I entered.

If you have lots of articles and need to work with papers for a long time, Sente is better. Otherwise, this app should work as well. Manage your database with BibDesk, double click on a pdf to open it with Skim, do all your highlighting and note taking, and when you go back to BibDesk your highlights and notes are waiting there as searchable text! In fact, it is simple to search across the entire text of a large library - searching both the text of the pdfs and your own notes.

The screenshot maybe it is time for a new one? Like 1 ososX 07 October A great program. Makes the annoying tasks of organizing references, referring to them from an article, linking them to the corresponding pdf files and urls a pleasure. Like 1.


ads2bibdesk 0.1.dev6

Ranking the Journals [Cross-post]: You are commenting using your Facebook account. Papers can import an existing bibtex file. I hardly print anything ever anymore. However, you can open the pdfs with only one click using your favourite pdf reader. Most of the points mentioned above and very relevant at the timeare not all relevant anymore. Now my workflow is: Every citation that you download will have an id or cite key, found at the beginning of the file directly after article or book, or techreport for other formats.


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Zulkigis You are commenting using your WordPress. You can create bibdek category tree and put any reference in as many categories as you like, and so it acts much like a bookmarks menu. You can also import it. BibDesk autogenerates cite attafh based on a user-defined format.

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