Therapeutic phytotherapy Homotoxicology. Homotoxicology is the science concept behind antihomotoxic medicine. It is a different way of approaching the patient and his disease. This theory referred to these toxins as Homotoxins. It explains what you can expect to see as you start removing toxins. Our Institution Gemmotherapy is a revolutionary modern drainage technic which is extracted from buds and embryonic tissues to clean and detoxify the cellular pathways.

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Zarrin, I was extremely overweight and had a combination of Rosacea and chronic dermatitis. I had been this way for over 10 years already and needed a change.

At the age of 21 and lbs, I started working with Dr. However, the skepticism was short lived as my skin cleared up in a very short amount of time and I began the process of shedding the extra weight with great results.

I have lost 65 lbs of excess weight and plan to continue with more. My skin looks great and I realize that I should have gone to Dr. Zarrin sooner. The great benefit of Dr. We took him to neurologist where he was assessed for a variety of conditions. It was ruled out that he was having seizures but the cause and solutions remained unresolved.

We took him to see Dr. Zarrin who immediately diagnosed and treated him. He got gradually better and the tics were almost eliminated within one month. My daughter had difficulty swallowing her food. We visited an ENT specialist who immediately decided to operate and remove her enlarged tonsils.

This was discussed with Dr. Zarrin who was vehemently against it. She stressed that the tonsils are a major part of the immune system and that they should not be removed.

My daughter was treated with certain remedies and the rest is history. I must admit that I was initially skeptical about Homeopathy, but after I witnessed the results on my own children I become hesitant to use traditional medicine.

F On December of after having suffered from a lengthy painful journey of endless back pains and had taken every type of pain killer, chiropractor treatment, acupuncture treatment, traction tables that felt as if my soul was being induced, I had become absolutely hopeless. It took 3 months to see a specialist who then sent me for an MRI which I had to wait for another 4 months!

I was then referred to a pain clinic to take cortisone shots to shut the pain on my back nerves to enable me tolerate the pain until having my MRI done and determination of right diagnosis.

That very day on which I was supposed to go to the pain clinic. I was struck by a miracle which was orchestrated by my chiropractor. My chiropractor was very upset that my pain was not getting any better no matter what he did and told me that I should consider trying homeopathic therapy as my final resource before having to undergo uncertain operations. He referred me to Dr. Zarrin who practiced only 3 floors away from him.

I called and moved my pain clinic appointment to be able to see Dr. Zarrin ASAP. That day when I walked into Dr. Zarrin s office I could not stand or sit straight at all and I was on unbelievable amount of pain, she patiently asked me many questions and was the first person after 8 months of unbearable pain to tell me I will be just fine and will recover without surgery!

Zarrin has quickly and efficiently helped me to emerge from a continuous of low energy, irritability and bad mood. I was very impressed by her approach, professionalism, and deep understanding of human nature. I would recommend Dr. Zarrin as the most professional Homeopathic Doctor to anyone who wants to have his health be restored quickly without drugs. P My son Chris suffered his first severe asthma attack at 18 months; from that point on he got worse and worse.

I took him to several doctors and asthma specialist, but the only thing they did was prescribe steroids, puffers, anti-inflammatories and other drugs. We were constantly going to the hospital and his health was worsening. Luckily a colleague recommended we see Dr. Chris is now 5 years old, healthy, very active and rarely even catches a cold.

She helped us cure recurrent problems like anemia, sinusitis and rheumatism. I wish I had known about homeopathy and Dr. Zarrin earlier. Since having my daughter crying in pain every night did not seem like a good idea to me, I took her to see Dr.

She prescribed an initial remedy to manage the pain symptoms, and my daughter experienced relief in the first day. Then Dr. Zarrin worked with us to determine the root of the problem and prescribed remedies to address this. My daughter was pain free within one month, and has remained pain free for the past year.

I am grateful to Dr. Brown I have known Dr. Zarrin since where she has been a true blessing in my life. Recently due to surgery, I acquired a lateral cataneous nerve damage in my right thigh were conventional medicine would not be able to fix the problem. The solution was to apply a nerve block. When I went to Dr. Zarrin, she was able to put together the right diagnosis and proper remedies that enabled me to return to work on a timely basis.

As I was unable to walk or sit for no longer than 5 minutes and in excruciating pain. She is constantly following up to make sure the remedies are working and if there are any changes, concerns. She truly is an inspiration and an amazing Doctor of Homeopathy. That is the time that I went to Dr. Zarrin, I am forever grateful. A My name is Elena. Two years ago I felt very bad. I had a constant headache which did not allow me to work and live productively and happy. I had Advil pills in every pocket and if I could not find it I was panicking.

My family doctor got me through lots of tests and a conclusion was that nothing wrong with me. I was skeptical on one hand but on the other hand I was desperate. That is how I met Dr. Zarrin, Doctor of homeopathy. Now two years later, I feel much better.

My headache is gone. It took me sometime to cure my problem, it did not happened over night, but if I would have to do this again, I would not hesitate a minute. Zarrin has led me through many sessions and I always feel comfortable talking to her prepare yourself answering a lot of questions, including very personal ones.

If you have any health problems actually some other issues I had were resolved as well and a traditional medicine does not help, I would recommend to see Dr. Zarrin is not only a professional; she is a very nice person as well. I In I went through a deep and severe emotional crisis. I was desperate and did not have energy to function, no motivation, suffering from insomnia and having rage and anger all the time. My friend recommended me to make an appointment to see Dr.

I started to see changes in my condition almost after the very first session. Now I am fully recovered and cannot express enough appreciation to this wonderful doctor. I keep recommending my friends and relatives to see Dr. Zarrin for their various conditions. Ash I was diagnosed with MS in After many years of treatment with conventional medicine, I was desperate since I had relapse after relapse and my condition was gradually deteriorating.

In I met with Dr. Zarrin who started treating me with homeopathy and nutrition. From that time my condition started improving. I feel better emotionally, physically, and my legs are getting stronger. I did not have a single relapse since we started treatment almost two years ago. Zarrin was always been there for me on the phone or through personal visits. She is always helpful, patient, sincere, kind, and most importantly, knowledgeable in her field.

I think Dr. Zarrin is a great Homeopathic Doctor. My case is clear evidence for this. F I was 40 years old and trying to get pregnant for a few years with no result. I did not want to go through the invasive conventional treatments which are too risky. I was seeking for an alternative method. I was recommended to see Dr. Zarrin through a family member and decided to give it a try.


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