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Page 8: Using The Js-8 With Other Devices When the unit is grounded, a slight hum may occur, depending on the particulars of your installation. Recording Performances 1. To Stop Recording 1. Saves the recorded song and starts playback. Turn the dial to select a song. Select the song you want to hear or the rhythm you want played.

You can choose from the following types of searches. Press [ SOLO]. Press the right cursor button. You can create sounds by choosing song genres and using intuitive sound-shaping grids that adjust multiple parameters with You can create sounds by choosing song genres and using intuitive sound-shaping grids that adjust multiple parameters with a single control. Use this feature to tune your instruments. This sets the frequency of A4 the middle A on a piano keyboard.

Adjust the tuning until the desired pitch is shown and both triangles are lit. Press [A B] at the start point, and again at the end point of the segment to be repeated.

Use this feature for guitar solo practice and in other situa- tions where you want to practice along with a single section as it plays back repeatedly. Press [MENU]. Roland Corporation and BOSS Corporation assume no liability whatsoever with regard to any infringement of third-party copyright arising through your use of this unit. Start up the Song List Editor. Load the CD you want to import into the JS Screen 1 Effect patch number Select the effect Use the dial to select patch you want the effect category.

Their marks are used solely to identify the equipment whose sound is simulated. This produces a great sound for solos. This not only functions as a booster, but also pro- Cln Bst duces a clean tone that has punch even when used alone. Use this to choose the type of delay. This delay is specifically for stereo output.

This provides a tap delay effect that divides the delay time between the left and right channels. Use this to choose the type of chorus. MONO This chorus effect outputs the same sound from the left and right channels. ST 1 This is a stereo chorus effect that adds different chorus sounds to L channel and R channel. The following procedure is not necessary if you already have downloaded the USB driver from the Roland website and saved it on your computer.


Boss eBand JS-10 Owner's Manual



Boss eBand JS-10 Training Manual



eBand JS-10



Roland eBand JS-8 Owner's Manual


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