How stupid of a name is that. He could do a lot better than that girl. Brady is nice enough to be her only friend. I thought maybe…Clarissa? Hello—her name is Cum-berly for a reason. My hand clenched over my stomach.

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My legs had cramped up. Some girls go up on the bank and take a squat. You could do that if you want. As I started to wiggle back and forth on the tube to switch positions, he asked, "So are you and Clarissa friends? Good friends? That sounded awful. What do you mean? Who are you? No one. I might need to leave soon.

Do you know how I could do that? The rides are waiting for us there. No avail. My tube caught a torrent in the river and off I swooped. Where are you going? I was almost disappointed when Matt caught up and took hold of my tube. Then he stopped and studied me, or as much as he could around the glaze of booze in his eyes. What are you doing here?

Brady stood in navy blue swim trunks with a rope in his hand. He stood poised at the edge of the bank, frowning down at us. The frown vanished and I saw the mischievous Brady come to light. He grabbed the rope tighter and then leapt off the cliff, swung down to us, and scooped an arm around me as we both hurled into the river. As we popped back up, I pretended to punch him in the chest. Brady dodged my hand and caught my hands. He twisted them so I was held hostage against his chest.

When I slammed into the water, I shot my legs down to shoot back up. Either of you! Just as I caught it, two bodies flew over the cliff and I was drenched again from their splashes. Then three more people repeated the motion and I stared, confused, as I saw the guys go towards Brady. They were all laughing together. When he looked at me and his eyes darkened in desire, I knew I cared. I had a right to care. As water dripped down his face and flattened his hair, Brady grinned at me.

My heart skipped a beat. When he said those words, they sounded like a loving caress. You want one? A second later he surfaced and was beside his friends in a flash. Four of the guys lifted a shot in the air, each tanned and muscular, but when Brady tipped his head back for the shot, the others did as well.

That was how the rest of the afternoon went. Brady stayed next to me for the most part, but a few times his buddies would call him over for some drinks.

I caught curious looks from some of them, but no one approached. Clarissa and her friends had all waved to Brady when he first joined the group, but seemed content to stay in their own group. This was their normal partying group. Where they had come from, I had no idea. You having a baby is the last thing on my mind.

Brady shot a hand out and steadied me. Then he leaned closer, an intimate look in his eyes. I held my breath and my eyes widened when he grew even closer till I felt his breath against my cheeks. Then we heard Clarissa shriek from behind us, "Kid! You made it! I almost fell forward, but caught myself this time.

When I looked Kid was frowning down at a drunken Clarissa. Josh stood behind him and both wore black swim trunks with a whiskey bottle in hand. Neither of them had towels or inner tubes.

Josh stood an inch taller, but the familial genes were unmistakable with their dark brown eyes and soft prettyboy features. Then I jumped on his back. The inner tube be damned. Let them be. He just cradled my arm and stared back at them. She wants him. Then I placed my mouth near his ear. Leave them alone. We were now face to face and he pulled me forward to tighten my legs around his waist.

His hands found my own waist and he squeezed both sides. When he stood in the air, two things exploded within me. One, I was pretty sure I was in love with Brady. It was an awful feeling when something other than water dripped between my legs.

I pushed away from him and clasped my legs together. The water erased the feeling and I was tempted to ignore what had just happened. I just needed to get away because I was going to die from embarrassment. If everyone else saw, but could they see? We were in a river. He stood closer, intimately close. What just happened? But you just said—" "I got my period, Brady! I wished to be anywhere except there, anywhere with tampons, no string bikinis, and no water.

Then when he choked back a snort, I jerked my eyes upwards. He was hysterical. Then he pressed it against my shoulder and tried to muffle his laughter. To no avail. I am, but you got your period? You should be relieved. People are starting to look. Of course I was worried about it. I just said that stuff to relax you.

You looked like you could pop a champagne bottle open, you were wound so tight. When we looked up, he gestured behind. Brady cursed when he saw Clarissa between Derek and Josh. She stood with a hand against both of their chests. Each looked fierce, but Josh was taller than Derek by an inch. Both boys were bristling and Kid was behind his cousin.

He looked dazed and slightly embarrassed. Then Clarissa glared at us. He was at the police station and he kissed me at that party. He moved here two months ago. His tribal tattoo seemed to jump out at me as his shoulders bunched in concentration.

Her bicep muscles were showcased. Brady grumbled, "Why should we get in there and duke it out? That poser needs a beatdown.


Brady Remington Landed Me In Jail (2012)

I found this more of a heartwarming story about two kids who were essentially throw-aways, but somehow found each other and made the world their own. Unlike other Tijan books, I found much compassion in this novel from secondary characters. Tijan is probably my second favorite author. But this book just seemed so


Brady Remington Landed Me in Jail

Tijan "You ready? While Brady rang the doorbell I felt my heartbeat through my toes. The silent wait was long and tense. I was going to explode in one second and completely calm the next instant. Then I was back to being numb until the door opened.


When he got in the car and started the engine, he was quiet for a moment. For some reason this was a challenge. Brady usually won, but this time I was bound and determined even though my stomach took a steep decline. When his long legs took him across the field, around the maze of cars, and through the first line of trees, I sighed. Then I stuck my hands in my pockets and slowed to a lingering trek.


It was a Friday night, now Saturday morning and I knew that my best friend had gone to a party. He always chose the party. I always chose to stay home for some good sense and a good book. Then the phone rang again and I picked it up before it woke my grandma. No one wanted that.

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