The birth of the book! With the success of my first book, They initially wanted to use Of course I refused.

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Nov 15, Aroura rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Everyone Recommended to Aroura by: Orson Scott Card review Do you know what materials are best to help regulate your core body tempurature if you could no longer rely on gas and electricity?

Do you know how to disinfect water to make it potable without boiling it or using iodine? What could you safely eat if you ran out of food? I cannot emphasize enough how much I would recommend this book! Do you know what materials are best to help regulate your core body tempurature if you could no longer rely on gas and electricity? The author is an expert from experience.

He leads back country expiditions and regularly lectures on survival. His house is designed to be completely off "the grid" and he collects his own drinking water from rain in Arizona! He emphasizes the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all survival plan you are expected to take responsibility for your own familial situation and expected emergencies , but there are several things that everyone will need.

This book is pretty thorough and gives you a lot to think about. Can you tell three paragraphs later that I really recommend everyone read this book? I agree with all that. Much of the information in " It seems to loose something in the retelling, as it is neither as clearly constructed nor as succinct. Lundin has a unique approach to living life and it suits him well in his role as an instructor of primitive living skills and survival techniques. It also offers some good There is some really helpful information here.

It also offers some good sounding advice and practical approaches to aid in emergency situations. This just felt like too much information stuffed into one book, and none of it except sanitation was covered in enough detail.

I found it to be funny and engaging as it was informative and thought provoking. When Michael first picked it up, he flipped to the how to clean and eat rodents part and asked me what kind of red-necked book I had checked out. However, I still think it is better to have thought through some of these things ahead of timelike how to dispose of a dead body, or what will you really do without toilet paper?

More than anything, it makes me want to keep up on my food storage and keep a supply of many other life conviences as well.


When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need to Survive When Disaster Strikes

Overall Basics The first addition was published in It has pages crammed full of info. The book is divided into two major parts. Part One: Head Candy provides you with the common sense foundation upon which to base your survival plan.


Book Review: When All Hell Breaks Loose




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