I, However, can safely say I was wrong and that I absolutely loathed reading this. This book truly deserved it. Classics are classics for a reason and this book does not deserve the hype it gets. There was nothing happening that made me want to read more. I honestly was either breaking ribs from laughter at the amount of bullshit I was reading or I was rolling my eyes. I seriously got an eye cramp for the amount of times I rolled them.

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The Annalist and physician of the Black Company, Croaker , is curing one of his Company brothers for poisoning and questions him for places that he has been eating outside their barracks. Their target is the Mole Tavern , and they suspect the poisoners are the Blues , the faction which opposes the Syndic. After they kill the perpetrators in a bloodbath, Silent discovers that some of the more conservative members of the Blues are hiding in a cellar.

They take them captive to turn them over to the Syndic. On the Avenue of the Syndics , they see a visiting Legate from across the Sea of Torments , accompanied by hard-bitten veterans like themselves.

The mysterious masked rider is on the back of a titanic black stallion. Later, a violent riot erupts in response to the arrest of the Blue leaders. Several Urban Cohorts mutiny when they demand extra pay to deal with the mob and the Syndic refuses. A Company stronghold is attacked, and Mercy is fatally wounded, but the Cohorts are ultimately repulsed.

At the opened tomb they discover fifty-four ancient forvalaka skeletons and several freshly-killed soldiers, all drained of blood and missing their hearts and livers. The riots quiet down and thousands of corpses litter the streets. The Company later receives an offer of alternative employment from the masked Legate if they let him replace the Syndic with a puppet. During a meeting within the Company they eventually decide to take the offer via their most honorable deception.

The Syndic actually survives, but it is implied that the Company finishes him off. It escapes down the exterior of the tower. Leaving the city that night, they kill hundreds of the mutinous Urban Cohorts soldiers in their sleep. The Legate takes the Black Company into the service of the northern empire and reveals that he has captured the forvalaka and has plans for it.

Croaker realizes who the Legate is; when the Captain questions him, he reveals the Legate is Soulcatcher , who was buried alive at least three hundred years ago alongside nine other evil sorcerers called the Ten Who Were Taken and their masters, the Dominator and his wife the Lady. They ruled an ancient empire called the Domination before being sealed away. The Company resigns themselves to their new service and One-Eye is deeply troubled that the caged forvalaka on the ship does not have any of the wounds they gave it.

Chapter 2: Raven Edit After crossing the Sea of Torments , they disembark at the city of Opal , where they stay for a few weeks. They meet with a strange man called Raven at the Gardens to consider his enlistment. After a bizarre confrontation with the powerful Imperial staff general Lord Jalena , the senior Company members witness Raven swiftly murder a woman and two of her companions. They head out to deal with Rebels who are causing trouble in the northern region of the Empire. After arriving near the city of Oar and trying to link up with the Taken called Limper and hear that several of his men are nearby the Lieutenant sends the sergeant Elmo to make contact.

Later during the winter while still occupying the fortress, Raven goes on a weekly supply run "turnip patrol" to Oar with Candy , Doughbelly , Jolly , and Flick. Raven is severely wounded and Flick is killed. They infiltrate the Rebel bunker in Oar and spring a trap on the Limper when he arrives to rescue Zouad.

Raven goes missing but reappears as the Company moves out from Elm , rejoining them, and taking the little girl Darling as his ward. Using this One-Eye, Goblin, and Silent come up with a plan to take him down with a bounty for his head which Soulcatcher approves. They head through the Forest of Cloud toward the city of Lords. They discover her valuable papers which the Lady and Soulcatcher later use to reveal that the Limper is a traitor.

Croaker and Raven receive some training in Lords, and the pair are sent to ambush both Whisper and the Limper in the forest. The risky operation is a success, and the Lady herself appears to take possession of the prisoners.

The Limper is tortured gruesomely by the Lady, and is then carried off by a dragonfly demon. They cannot enter the city to rejoin their comrades. There is a hellish sorcery duel occurring at the walls: Soulcatcher.


Książki w cyklu Czarna Kompania

Shajin POV changes, but that did not trouble me, I actually recognise that potential all along. The other can be found hereand is a look back on the series after having finished. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Glen Cook — Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia I am looking forward to the final book, and to find out what happens to a very shocking ending in this lompania.


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Czarna kompania



Czarna Kompania


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