The American Board of Radiology B. American journal of roentgenology Wallner, P. Current problems in diagnostic radiology Donnelly, L. Radiology reports for two imaging examinations were analyzed and compared - one which was more templated ultrasound - appendicitis and one which relied on more free text chest radiograph - single view. For each metric, the mean and standard deviation for defined outlier results for all dictations individual and group mean was calculated.

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In this role, he will focus on continuously improving care quality and patient safety as well as consistently striving to help enhance outcomes. These groups will work in a collaborative and complementary fashion with Dr. Donnelly to create more positive outcomes for patients. Donnelly earned his medical degree from the University of Cincinnati in and also completed his radiology residency there in While there, he attained the chief fellow position.

Donnelly is a nationally recognized physician and scholar with accomplishments in research, multidisciplinary care, teaching, patient safety and quality improvement. His career has spanned over two decades and multiple cities across the country. That campaign set the groundwork for what eventually became the Ohio Collaborative for pediatric patient safety and, later, the Solutions for Patient Safety with HPI.

This work has received national recognition for its significant reduction in serious safety events over a sustained period. His career background also includes numerous staff radiologist positions, academic appointments and administrative positions, among others. His vast experience, along with a passion for quality improvement and safety operations made Stanford the next natural step. Related Posts.


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Pediatr Radiol. Epub Aug Gauging potential risk for patients in pediatric radiology by review of over 2, incident reports. OBJECTIVE: To study incident reports submitted during a 5-year period at a large pediatric imaging system to evaluate which imaging modalities and other factors were associated with a greater rate of filed incident reports. The number of incident reports was compared to the number of imaging studies performed during that time period to calculate an incident report rate for each factor.


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