Recently, I had ordered several DS boards from my regular eBay vendor in Shenzhen for some testing, only to find two oddities: first, the factory had evidently gotten an incorrect chip with the same sized 0. This chip was the wholly-incompatible DS It happens, particularly at this price point and via gray market suppliers. No worries, I contacted the seller and they sent me a replacement board.

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These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated in the operational sections of the specifications is not implied.

Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability. Temperature Commercial Frequency Stability vs. Temperature Industrial Frequency Stability vs. A 0. Note 2: All voltages are referenced to ground. Note 4: Current is the averaged input current, which includes the temperature conversion current. Note 5: The RST pin has an internal 50k?

Note 6: After this period, the first clock pulse is generated. This is automatically the case if the device does not stretch the low period of the SCL signal. Note CB—total capacitance of one bus line in pF. Note The parameter tOSF is the period of time the oscillator must be stopped for the OSF flag to be set over the voltage range of 0. Note This delay applies only if the oscillator is enabled and running. If the EOSC bit is a 1, the startup time of the oscillator is added to this delay. This open-drain pin requires an external pullup resistor.

RST N. F low-leakage capacitor.


Real Time Clock Using DS3231 (EASY)

Часы реального времени, в нынешнее время, реализованы в виде отдельной микросхемы, к которой нужно добавить кварцевый резонатор и автономный источник питания. В некоторых микросхемах, кварцевый резонатор встроен внутри. Одни из таких часов на микросхеме DSSN я купил для своих проектов. В примере буду подключать часы реального времени к китайскому аналогу Arduino UNO. Представляют из себя законченный модуль ZS, который можно подключать к различным устройствам, не только к платформе Arduino. Модуль построен на микросхеме DSSN, которая по сути и является часами реального времени.


How to Use a Real-Time Clock Module (DS3231)


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