If any of the above items are missing, please contact your reseller. With the DWLAP, bandwidth-intensive applications like graphics or multimedia will benefit significantly because large files are able to move across the network quickly. Use less wiring, enjoy increased flexibility, save time and money with PoE Power over Ethernet. The WPA is offered in two flavors: Enterprise used for corporations and Personal used for home users.

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This is a guide on how to setup the WAP Wireless Access Point onto an already existing network and as always all links will be provided on the article.

If you fall into this category skip to step 2. E Power Over Ethernet for your power and link up. Grab your trusty thin screw driver or pen 2. There will be a small hole that has reset labeled on it. Place the trusty thin screw driver or pen into this hole until you feel the button inside being pushed down, hold it down for ten seconds.

The device will automatically reset itself and assign an IP address so that you can access it on the network. Download and install the AP Manager. Then run the AP Manager. The AP Manager will automatically detect the device on the network.

Select the device by left clicking once on the discovered item until it is highlighted in blue. Click on Set IP 7. Input the IP of your choice. Remember to not use an IP that is already in use on the network. Then Click OK. The default user name is admin all lowercase and the password is left blank. Click on the Wireless Tab situated on the left hand side menu. Choose you desired access point setting. For this guide we are going to leave it configured just as an access point.

In the SSID column, type in the desired name of the wireless network you want to create. This network, depending on if you enable broadcasting will be seen by other wireless devices that are compatible. Choose if you would like to enable the broadcast of this network. If you select disable then no devices will be able to see your network.

In order to connect this network with broadcasting turned off you will have to manually create a network profile on the device you wish to connect. If you are new to setting up wireless networks i would suggest leaving it enabled so that you can see it when you want to connect a new device. For this guide though, I have selected disable. Leave Auto Channel Scan selected Select your Authentication Type.

Leave Cipher Type as Auto Leave Group Key Update Interval as Type in your PassPhrase for the wireless network. Whenever a device tries to connect to this network you will have to put type this PassPhrase as the security key. You can select devices to automatically remember this PassPhrase. Leave Radio enabled and Super G Mode disabled There you have it. Thanks for the reading this How To: and remember that most wireless routers require the exact same requirements that are portrayed in this guide, its just the layout that changes.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you get stuck and I will try and help.


D-Link DWL-3200AP User Manual

Designed for indoor installation, this access point provides secure options for network administrators to deploy a highly manageable and extremely robust wireless network. This access point supports Power over Ethernet PoE and provides two high-gain antennas for optimal wireless coverage. PoE Support. Enclosed in a plenum metal chassis, the DWLAP adheres to strict fire codes and ensures complete safety. For advanced installations, this high-speed access point has an integrated Up to Mbps Wireless Speed. It has the added capability of reaching maximum wireless signal rates of up to Mbps Turbo mode powered by D-Link G technology.


D-link DWL-3200AP Install Manual



How to: Reset & Configure A D-Link DWL-3200AP Wireless Access Point


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