Select it using , scroll through the parameters using , then select the function using eg. Either do not press any keys for 15 seconds timeout or press the key once, to confirm the last value displayed and return to the previous screen. Use the keys to scroll through all the folders in the menu: - AL: alarms folder only visible if an alarm is active ; - SP1: Setpoint 1 setting folder; To switch off the buzzer, press and release any key; the corresponding icon will continue to flash. This means, for example, that the error introduced Page 18 PAR.

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By pressing the "set" key when the appro- priate label appears, the value of the set probe associated to it is displayed. If the password is wrong, the display will show the PA1 label again. To enter the folder, press "set". The label of the first visible parameter appears. To scroll through the other parameters, use the "UP" and "DOWN" keys; to change the parameter, press and release "set", then set the desired value using the "UP" and "DOWN" keys, and confirm with the "set" key to move to the next parameter.

PLEASE NOTE: It is suggested to switch-off and switch-on again the instrument every- time it is changed the configuration of the parameters: this prevents malfunctioning on regulation and delay time occuring. In the standard configuration passwords are not present. If password is enabled, it will be request- ed at the entrance of the "Programming" menu see the "Programming Menu" sec- tion ; The Copy Card is an accessory connected to the TTL serial port which allows pro- gramming quickly the instrument parame- ters.

The operation is performed as fol- lows: This operation loads the programming parameters from the instrument. This operation downloads to the instru- ment the programming parameters.

The operations are performed accessing the folder identified by the "FPr" label and selecting, according to the case, "UL" or "dL" commands; the operation is con- firmed by pressing the "set" key. If the operation is successful an "y" is displayed, on the contrary, if it fails a "n" will be dis- played.


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