Plot introduction[ edit ] The story takes place in the mids, probably in the Iraq War is referred to in passing, and the U. Explanation of title[ edit ] I have an office full of people whose job it is to know everyone worth knowing. Thirty-five thousand names, actually, and we can get in touch with any of them at any time. However, she does little to find a new direction in life until her uncle Will, an aging nationally syndicated entertainment columnist , introduces her to event planner Kelly. While she does find Philip somewhat attractive, much like the heroines of the romance novels she secretly indulges in, and the association becomes of great benefit to her in her new job, she is later drawn to Sammy, a bouncer at Bungalow 8 who turns out to be from her hometown of Poughkeepsie and harbors ambitions of being a chef. But he, too, is tied to a wealthy socialite, and dreams of escaping the high life to open a small restaurant.

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Stereotypical characters, dull plot consisted of superficial world-building and predictive, anticlimactic ending. The dialogues are unrealistic, theatrical and immature. Everything is horrible about this book. Girl quits banking job, because she has been unhappy, gets a job at a PR firm, finds herself to be a star of the tabloids, whining along the way, gets a crush on the guy from a security of some posh club, kisses the guy from security, everything blows up all over their heads, then the girl realizes she hates the backstabbing PR business.

The side characters are even more flat and unimpressive than the main character. They have even less personality than Bette, our protagonist. Good guys are as superficial and obnoxious as the bad guys. Uncle Will is a shameless gay stereotype and basically has no other trait than being gay. Though the author broke her spine over convincing us how Bette, our protagonist, adjusted to the world of PR, it was obvious she had no idea what the hell she was doing nor how to deal with complications.

I admit, I read it only so I could criticize it. In the end, Bette is in the same place she was at the beginning of the book. She has no prospective job, nor she knows who she wants to be in the next five years.

She is shallow, self-centered and lifeless main character, who is supposedly fascinating enough for photographers to take her photos everywhere she goes, and tabloids to write bullshit about.

Oh, give me a break. For a chick-lit, the romance is almost non-existent and anticlimactic. The central love story is platonic, theatrical and unrealistic to that extent that I wanted to puke.


Everyone Worth Knowing




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