Mesida Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Een halve eeuw theologie: Creation can be seen only in Jesus Christ and in connection with the incarnation of the Word. When we see God only in Jesus Christ, we come to walk in a new path and wholly new perspectives for the doctrine of reconciliation appear. You may be interested in my work on Berkouwer. Provide feedback about this page.

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Aitken Berkouwer, G. The Sacraments. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, As in all of G. Some difficulties do arrive concerning the arcane nature of 20th Century Dutch theological controversies.

Berkouwer champions the Reformed insistence on sacrament as sign, seal, and promise. Are Sacraments Objective or Subjective? It is important to remember that God himself gives the meaning to the sign. This is the difference between Rome and the Reformation is the difference between grace as a substance and the divine promise.

Word and Sacrament Sacraments always point to something other than themselves The sacraments and faith are always to Christ.

Berkouwer then goes into an extended analysis of how Rome can claim the sacraments are objective while having to deal with the disposition of the recipient We believe the sacraments are objective but not because of an infusion of supernatural grace. The relation of faith and sacrament rests on the relation between Word and Sacrament This leads to a very bizarre conclusion.

For Rome, salvation can be lost. Therefore, the Holy Spirit dwells within but provides no guarantee. Share this:.


Studies in Dogmatics (14 vols.)

Publication Date: Pages: Defining and delineating the Work of Christ has been the concern of the church since the first century. Unfortunately, many attempts to understand that work have resulted either in wholesale rejections of theology or in complex theological jargon which, saying nearly everything, says nothing. Professor G. Berkouwer avoids both these pitfalls in this volume, the ninth to appear in the American edition of his Studies in Dogmatics series.


G. C. Berkouwer Quotes

For God can do many things that he does not choose to do…. But, and this is where Barth runs strong, Christ is the real reality of creation. It does not witness to an abstract highest being as prima causa of all things, but it witnesses to the Lord of history, the God of Israel. We must permit ourselves to be corrected and submit to being instructed anew. Berkouwer describes this development this way:.

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