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Focustopics Marketing challenges: Smartphone fever takes hold Purchasing power and online potential: Coloring in mandalas or other pre-drawn pictures with sharpened coloring pencils. Focustopics The Sharing Economy: There you will discover specific reports on what might enthrall us in the world of tomorrow. Home FocusTopics Totally on trend — consumption in Germany Totally on trend — consumption in Germany June In any given household, anywhere in Germany, just after the alarm clock goes off: While she hops on her e-bike to go to work, he sets off on foot.

However, consumers also have different preferences when it comes to current consumersacn trends. And who wants film coneumerscan taking up precious space on their computer hard drive? In contrast, other products only interest certain buyers, while others still quickly disappear from the shelves. The washing convenience segment also experienced significant quantitative increases: The annual sales volume has been increasing by 8 percentage points year on year since Focustopics The path to wellbeing The improved sense of self Sustainability is familiar Organic trend — Eat well naturally Gesundheit!

Or will they simply print it out with a 3D printer? We use our consumer panel data to explore shopping behavior; where vonsumerscan go to find new products, how they research and compare products, how they use them and the factors that drive their decision making and path to purchase.

They remain incredibly popular: They are also doing something for the environment at the same time. Consumer Panels The joy of do it yourself Staying in touch by mouse click Key challenge — labor market An extra helping of health?

These typically American foods and others too are increasingly being purchased to be eaten at home. Will the couple at the start of this Focustopic have their food delivered direct to their house by drone in future?

Along with this type of leisure activity, more and more adult consumers are entertaining themselves with a past-time which used to be only for children. Various trends also emerge when it comes to the best time of the year: GfK in your country Contact Blog. Filter coffee or tea in the morning, water during the day and a nice cold beer now and again in the evenings — clearly the time when our store cupboards just contained these few products are behind us.

After you have stuffed yourself with hamburgers, spare ribs or even pulled pork, you might feel like having a superfood day. Eat yourself healthy and save energy Many consumers are interested in healthy eating — at least, according to figures from the manufacturers of healthy cooking appliances.

Security still in first place. After all, his fitness tracker is recording every step he takes. A matter of taste! Later on, she will meticulously enter the number of calories into a smartphone app. Who really wants DVDs gathering dust in their living room after they have only been watched once? Totally on trend — consumption in Germany GfK Compact Ecological aspects also play an increasingly important role when it comes to buying clothes.

More than a buzzword E-commerce for everyday consumables: The market for organic food is ahead in terms of sales: Maybe you eat low-carb meals, miraculous protein, vegan fare or superfoods? We have lift off! Justin Bieber uses it as a way to relax and many German consumesrcan discovered this new trend for themselves: Barometer of concerns in Europe Sustainable consumption Purchasing decisions: The challenges facing the world Travel trends: Shiitake mushrooms, chia seed muesli — the sky is the limit Evidently, more and more consuerscan are taking this view, instead choosing to enjoy their favorite music or the latest series online, rather than holding onto them or saving them for a long time.

Do you still eat conventional organic produce or have you already converted to a more up-to-date diet, perhaps one which seems to be a constant source of discussion in the media at the moment? Stay competitive A mobile world — without mobile payments? Savoir-vivre in Europe — a comparison of attitudes to life The end of cash? Evidently people value both sport and comfort when they are on the move.

Brand Roadshow ; Navigating the jungle of consumer and communication trends. Mobility trends show that consumers value things which support their modern way of life and make their day-to-day lives easier. Heated debates on which diets or meal plans are the most effective often take place around the kitchen table. Related Posts


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