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Macworld Buying Guides: Color laser printers What to look for in a color laser printer—and three models you should consider by Holt, Macworld. At their best when put to work in a network setting, color laser printers allow multiple users to take advantage of the high speeds and duplexing capabilities of the printer. Oki Cdn But how to weigh those advantages? They are a bigger investment than standard printers and require more room to operate. Most come with longer warranties than typical inkjet printers, however.

Two sides are better than one Printers that offer duplexing can print on both sides of the page—a useful feature for users who want to maximize speed and efficiency.

And printing on both sides of a page ultimately saves you money on paper. What to look for When judging a color laser printer, there are two key factors you should focus on—speed and text quality. Macworld Lab includes both time trials and jury ratings in our color laser printer reviews—make sure to look at both when deciding which model to buy. As for our jury tests of printing quality—which also include ratings on the quality of image and graphics output—a quality color laser printer score a rating of "very good" or better in our text-quality test.

Ponder Postscript Postscript capability or emulation is an important ability to consider. Postscript is a print description language that enables color laser printers to handle high-quality graphics alongside text. Our favorite color laser printers The Oki Cdn produces great-looking prints and includes built-in duplexing.

It also offers easy network connectivity and quick printing speeds. Please be advised that this page, and any images or links in it, may have changed since we created this snapshot.

For your convenience, we provide a hyperlink to the current webpage as part of our service.


Brother HL-4070CDW Manual / User Guide Download PDF



Brother HL-4070CDW Manuals



Xerox HL-4070CDW Manual


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