About days after recieve the payment. It provides the STM-1 optical interface, builds the whole transmission access layer together with the access layer equipment, and improves the optical transmission product system of Huawei Technologies Co. Features 1. High degree of integration OptiX Metro box design, box height of 1U, in addition to the power module, the device all the functional units are integrated in a circuit board.

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The OptiX Metro supports the following power input modes: The OptiX Metro provides various types of service ports, supports complete network security schemes, and features flexible configuration, easy installation, and easy maintenance. Excluding the power supply module, all functional units are integrated into one board. The software system is of a modular design. Supports the outloop on SDH optical interfaces and inloop and outloop on VC-4 paths, and the automatic release of loopbacks.

Minimum mwtro length Supports the setting of the minimum frame length huawdi 64 bytes. Low Power Consumption About 17W, natural heat dissipation, no fans, no noise. Functions and Features Description Basic function Supports the aggregation of a maximum of 16xE1 services into one optical path. Except for the power supply module, all the functional units are integrated into the one board.

Product Features The OptiX Metro supports various services interfaces, power input modes, and installation modes, and a high security mechanism. Alarm and performance event. And we also have very good ability for technical support for these products.

Supports the discard default setting or transfer of frames shorter than 64 bytes. Alarm and performance event Supports various alarms and performance events, which facilitates the management and maintenance of the equipment; supports the alarm reversion function.

The full higher order and lower order cross-connect capacity of the OptiX Huzwei is 1. Supports remote network monitoring RMON. The dimensions of the chassis are: Supports Ethernet test frames. Supports the Radius security control, that is, the user names and passwords of all NEs are managed in a unified manner through the ootix of the user.

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