Narrated by year-old Estrella deMadrigal, this YA novel imagines how a family of good standing in small village gets swept up in the persecution of conversos, that is, Jews who had converted to Christianity but were later accused of secretly still practicing Judaism. Estrella will discover secrets about her family and have her eyes opened to the true nature of her neighbors and her best friend. The novel opens with a book burning on the plaza of the small village known as Encaliflora. Estrella can smell it before she sees it, and Catalina, her best friend, is eager to see what is happening. The two girls have been lifelong friends, and even look a bit alike. On the plaza, they see that soldiers have taken the books of a Jewish man, so marked by a red circle on this clothing, and are burning them.

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Nak A very quick read, perfect for a rainy weekend. Jul 31, Elizabeth rated it really liked it Shelves: YA historical novel [s]. My name once meant daughter, grandaughter, friend, sister, beloved. It all starts with hofrman burning books of a Jewish man who lives behind the gated part of town, where all the Jews who refuse to renounce their belief live.

All her life, she has thought she was a Christian and thought she knew who s Alice Hoffman is an amazing author. I thought that part at least was handled well for young adult literature. True words, indeed, though this book is probably difficult to forget, anyway. View a FREE sample. A nice pre-read for Elie Hofgman Nightin that respect.

In a way this book, alone, inspired me to keep Exorcism At Midnight short and poignant. The subject matter is very dark, but I found Esther to be a shining star All her life, she has thought she was a Christian and thought she hofman who she was.

Incantation purpose was to experience the truth behind the lives of hidden Jews and how a simple fact can change the lives of you and the people in your surroundings, which can reveal the truth about others. Common Sense is a nonprofit organization. Her neighbors are arrested, accused of being Marranos. As her family is rounded up by the Inquisition, Estrella witnesses torments that are almost be beyond belief.

She felt the evilness which had come up and inhabited her town. Catalina and Estrella have been growing apart. Are You There God? For kids who love substance to their reading. The Museum of Extraordinary Things. The way people were killed brought tears to my eyes and even made me see aliec like the characters were.

Little, Brown and Company Publication date: When the notices are posted in the plaza on how to spot a hidden Jew, Estrella grows fearful. Incantation Book Review The wrong person finds out and you can imagine the rest. May 24, Sheri rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a YA novel, but the topic is brutal, so I would not give this to a very young or sensitive child. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Dec 20, J-Lynn rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: This is definitely a book for my keeper shelf.

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Shelves: 8th-grade Alice Hoffman is an amazing author. She has the ability to write each novel like a poem. It feels like poetry, but with an incredible story to go along with it. But each book is so extremely sad, which is a hard emotion to write.





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