At the time when these boards were in development, this facility was acquired by Intel. A feature in Linux Magazine in , described the iPAQ as a "highly promising platform" and depicted it running Pocket Linux , [1] shown in summer It had a four-bit grayscale display, running on Pocket PC The H was succeeded by the similarly-designed H Changes included a colour display and a chrome coloured directional pad compared to the monochrome display and gunmetal grey d-pad of its predecessor. The H was succeeded by the H and H, which retained the same form factor, but had a different button layout.

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Or you set an alarm that never triggers. From time to time, the Pocket PC alarms and notifications get out of synch and if you contact Pocket PC support, you will probably be advised to perform a full reset of your pocket to set things right. This is especially true for Microsoft Windows Mobile 5. This document describes what can be done if you do not want to perform a full reset. Solution Alarms, notifications, and other internal time related processes are managed by the Pocket PC notification queue, so if your alarms and notifications stop working properly, the notification queue should be the first place you check.

You may find some stray or erroneous notifications that are causing the issues. Nonetheless, it is an issue that can be easily resolved by systematically reviewing the notification queue and deleting erroneous notifications. If you perform a soft reset it adds duplicate notifications to the queue. Although a clean reset will solve the issue, clear all notifications, and get all the necessary notifications back that are required for the Pocket PC to run properly, if a user wants to avoid a full reset to factory settings and wants to get the notifications and alerts in order, you need to do the following: Avoid a full reset by cleaning up the notification queue.

You will need to install some software that allows you to view and modify the notification queue. SKTOOLs allows you to place checkmarks next to every duplicate or erroneous notification so they can be deleted all at once after they have all been flagged , but every notification needs to be reviewed to find the duplicates. Take care when deleting notifications and do not delete any that are related to ActiveSync.

However, if you accidentally delete an ActiveSync notification, you may be able to fix it without having to resort to a factory reset. If you cannot find this option, then you are running an older version of SKTools and you will need to upgrade to the most recent version. You can also use free software by Scarey Bear called Check Notification. The software displays duplicate notifications in red so they are easy to find. When you open the Check Notification application, you will see an Options button.

If you tap it and select Settings, you will be taken to a screen where you can select Remove duplicate events. Supposedly when you select this option, you can then return to the main Clear Notification screen and select the Clear button at the top right-hand side of the screen, and this will remove the duplicate events for you.

However, when you do this, it will remove ALL the notifications in the queue, including ones that are needed for the Pocket PC to function properly and to sync properly. You have to then perform a clean reset to get those notifications back. It is always a good idea to back up your Pocket PC before you delete anything. Then if you accidentally delete an important internal notification, you can perform a clean reset and restore from a backup and be back where you were in just a few seconds versus a couple of hours having to set everything up again.

You can find SKTools software or the Check Notifications software by searching for them in any search engine, such as Google.


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