Akilar The Bargain I loved that small town…and I still do. Once you read it your gonna wanna read it again! Return to Book Page. Lord Malgor is older than her father and very much involved with his leman.

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Shelves: reads , queuemyreview , erotica Reviewed for queuemyreview. Put them together in the same story and the book will likely sell itself! Stir in a liberal helping of erotica and you have the recipe for The Conquest by Julia Templeton. This is her second erotic historical set in Scotland during the Middle Ages.

I suspect it will be at least as popular as her first one, The Bargain since it features characters she introduced in that Reviewed for queuemyreview. Adelstan is an honored knight who has refused his own demesne to avoid talk of favoritism because of his close kinship with de Wulf. Rhiannon has been full of questions and fears since her father announced her upcoming marriage to Lord Malgor.

Like any other young woman, she dreams of love with a handsome lord followed by marriage and children. When she catches sight of Adelstan, she mistakes him for Lord Malgor and is momentarily thrilled. Then she learns the truth. Lord Malgor is older than her father and very much involved with his leman. The more time she spends with Adelstan, the surer she becomes that he is the only man she will ever love. But to have Rhiannon, Adelstan would have to defy both honor and duty.

This was a quick, enjoyable read. The story is definitely erotica. This just seemed like the author had been told to write a sequel, had no interest in doing it, and decided to phone it in. Do we learn anything about him in The Conquest, other than that he really wants to have sex with Rhiannon?

And wow, that ending. The only enjoyable parts were with Elspeth, Jorden, and Dante - they were a much more engaging group than Adelstan and Rhiannon. It was one of my pet peeves in Outlander "cannae" omg enough , but at least you got the sense Diana Gabaldon knew her stuff, whereas this just felt like a cheap attempt to make Rhiannon and the other Scottish characters more "authentic.

I was pleasantly surprised by how this book captivated me from start to finish. I liked the plot and the characters. I am glad the plot did not revolve around the misunderstandings and poor decisions brought about by A dark, tortured past.

We have a heroine betrothed to the villain and the hero who set out to Glad I Finally Read This I read the first book The Bargain in the series a week or so ago and I put off reading this book thinking it might have similarities in plot with the first book.

We have a heroine betrothed to the villain and the hero who set out to deliver the heroine to her betrothed in the process they fall in love and have an affair. The virgin heroine is assertive and showed strength of character. The hero was swoon worthy. Not your typical brooding hero. They do get their HEA but the plot twists made for a fast paced reading.

It has multiple sex scenes from the main characters as well as the side characters. But if it is not your thing then skipping it will not detract from a fantastic plot. I like that there is an epilogue. My only wish is that the ending could have been longer so I have more to read from this great book. But really this is a perfect read.


The Bargain by Julia Templeton



The Conquest


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