Vom M S M ainboard Software Configuration After installing the audio driver, you are able to use the 2- 4- 6- or 8- channel audio feature now. Privacy policy and Terms of Use. Software Configuration M S M ainboard K9q2 Configuration After installing the audio driver, you are able to use the 2- 4- 6- or 8- channel audio feature now. The Optimized Defaults are the default values set by the mainboard manufacturer specifically for optimal performance of the mainboard. It will show several items to select for overclocking after you click the button. Pull the lever s ideways away from the socket.

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I was hoping the booklet enclosed with my mainboard would have all the beep codes listed. It does not. I have done a search on the forums, and found people only having issues with several beeps which their conclusion was decided by USB devices. I have tried multiple cable configurations with no conclusion. This is the beep sequence: 2 high toned beeps, 1 low toned beep, 1 high toned beep, and then a long drawn out muffled beep until the system clears the POST screen.

Obviously, everything has been connected with the new power supply, and everything seems to run alright. I have no problems running the system when it boots to windows, and all stress tests performed within windows does not give any errors. This is what is happening when using my LCD: The system will get to the POST screen, and sometimes after that it will get to the "windows loading" screen.

Then, the monitor will go into this infinite "no detect" loop, even after the system has been rebooted, or shut-off. Other times, the system will get to the POST screen, and then go into the infinite loop "no detect" situation. Again, this, so far has only been with the LCD monitor, but still the long beep is there. I am going to shut-down and try the one memory stick at a time, nearest the CPU of course and see if the long beep disappears with the RAM. Maybe the RAM has gone bad.

However, if someone does have a full beep code list for the K9A2 Platinum mainboard, I would really like it. Skill RAM stock. Corsair tx watt power supply. Those are the beeps listed in the beep code, as my USB game pad is not detected until Windows boots which I feel is normal.

Thank you in advance to anyone that can help. The long drawn out beep is gone while using either chip in the first slot. I will install both of the chips again to see if the long muffled beep returns. I would imagine this could mean the board would need a warranty servicing Stupid high performance machines that give us joy.

Skill DDR2 x 2Gb.



Tygokora Page of Go. The openings on the enclosure are for air convection hence protects the equip- ment from overheating. Page 70 Realtek Audio W hen you are playing the first audio source for example: To clear the warning message, set the field to [Reset]. Dual Core Center 9ka2 In the Temperature sub-menu, you can see temperature status of your system.


MSI K9A2 Platinum series Manuals & User Guides


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