Taking up this task of translating the audio and scripting it in English was of highly tedious and lengthy nature. Still grace and will of Lord Sai Baba worked on because it was His direction to do so. On this occasion of Gurupoornima i am glad to share this treasure with Devotee Readers. Parts of this diary will be shared subsequently. Kindly visit our blog for full version of the diary.

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This matter was made known to Lord Sai Baba. Lord Baba replied in affirmative. Kakasaheb Dixit Diary image 8. Many physicians and ayurvedic specialists were consulted, but to no effect. The problem still persisted giving me much trouble. Sadashiv Ramchandra Patvardhan sent me a good doctor from Nagpur with a request to start treatment for my ailment through him.

The doctor was old. He prepared medicine and carried it to Harda. At first he gave me three packets of the medicine. I partook one packet in the morning and another one in the afternoon. Due to these dosages of the above medicine I started suffering from Diarrhea.

I had to pass motions many times still it was 8 PM. I got so much weak so that I had no strength left to get up from bed. Seeing my deteriorating condition, the doctor and my family members expressed sense of fear. They went to pooja room and prayed for me. I was then given medicine to stop motion.

Even then the motions did not stop till 11 PM. Then the doctor advised my father to stop every treatment for my disease and continued that only the grace of Sadguru Lord Sai Baba will help to cure me completely.

Neither of us told Lord Baba about my suffering. Lord Baba did not talk about it as well. The following year I, with my brother Narayanrao and few of my friends again went to Shirdi on the occasion of Guru Purnima.

We all went to Dwarkamai and sat near Lord Baba. She was blessed within no time. Although he consulted many, he has not recovered.

It has been eight years now and the disease has not reoccurred. Share this post:.


Love all by keeping mind pure. All things will happen automatically......Sai Baba

Lord Sai Baba asked him for Rs. He did not have that much money and did not disclose this fact to Him. He was very sorry that he could not give dakshina to Lord Baba though He asked directly. Thinking about this, he returned to his town.


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Kakasaheb Dixit. Kakasaheb Dixit was a well-known solicitor with a highly lucrative practice of Bombay and was active in the Indian National Congress. He went to England about There he had an accident in which his leg was injured and he became lame. In spite of repeated efforts, the injury could not be cured.

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