During the warranty period, Kantech shall, at its option, repair or replace any defective product upon return of the product to its factory, at no charge for labour and materials. The original purchaser must promptly notify Kantech in writing that there is defect in material or workmanship, such written notice to be received in all events prior to expiration of the warranty period. There is absolutely no warranty on software, and all software products are sold as a user license under the terms of the software license agreement included with the product. Custom products are only warranted to the extent that they do not function upon delivery.

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This module has a tamper contact input. KT-PC zone input expansion module. It has a tamper contact input and also includes a built-in 12VDC, 1A power supply for field devices.

KT-PC zone output expansion module. It can be used for elevator control, although additional hardware may be required. The LCD is green normal status , red power failure and yellow trouble. Procedure If a Combus module is installed to the KT controller, click the Combus module configuration button. Once a module has been defined, it is identified by a green flag. To define a module, select one, then click the Define button lower part of the window.

The Enter Combus module serial number message box appears. Note: To obtain this number, you have to activate the Tamper switch or to press any key on the keyboard. The Combus serial number is displayed in the Desktop Message. Assign names to the modules in the language fields. Check the options related to the module you want to configure if these are displayed in the window.

Note: Usage options of a module vary according to the selected Combus module. For example, installing the KT3-LCD and checking the options Combus low power and Display date and time will allow the KT to report Combus low power conditions and to display the date and time.

Table 1. The options associated with each module Combus type.


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Kantech - KANTECH WARRANTY TERMS - KT-300 Door Controller - R003 - Hardware - Installation Guide


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