Тысяча мелочей Такие книги очень человечны - они примиряют нас с недостатками ближних. Я вообще в последнее время использую литературу как терапию, она помогает мне становиться терпимее и не впадать в раздражение. Пик человеколюбия я пережила, читая "Дневник" Марии Башкирцевой. На меня вылилось столько оголтелого неадеквата и самолюбования, что тушите свет!

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How did I end up that way? Well, I guess you could say it all started three years earlier, during what I now refer to as "the summer I stared at the ceiling. I was living and working in Chicago. There had to be more to life than what I had experienced so far. I was born in Illinois, raised in Illinois, had gone to school in Illinois, and was working in Illinois. That summer all I did was stare at the ceiling and think. I was the person my parents raised, but I never felt like my own person.

All I did was stare and think. At the end of the summer, the conclusion that I came to was this: I had to get the hell out of Illinois. I needed to pack my bags, leave the Windy City, and move to a faraway land.

I needed to be alone to figure out exactly who Karyn Bosnak was. And the faraway land that I chose to be alone in was New York! I had been there once—for a day. But I liked it, and had seen tons of episodes of "Friends" and "Seinfeld" and decided it was going to be my new home. The next year all I did was work and save money.

But I saved enough for a one-way plane ticket and a security deposit for an apartment. I had enough for everything except the movers. I had to charge the movers


Karyn Bosnak

Site beginnings[ edit ] In the summer of , Bosnak registered the Internet domain name savekaryn. It had occurred to Bosnak that if she could receive just a few donations of several thousand dollars from a few wealthy people, or thousands of donations of one dollar from average-income people, she could pay off her debts. She reasoned that any amount given would be relatively insignificant to the donor, but if she found enough donors, the aggregate would be quite significant to her. So if you have an extra buck or two, please send it my way Together we can banish credit card debt from my life. Bosnak was not the first individual to openly solicit voluntary donations via the Internet; documented examples go back at least as far as


Karyn Bosnak

Just so you know, this is actually a really good movie and everyone should watch it for the numerous occasions Chris Evans is shirtless for inexplicably no legitimate reason, like that one scene where he greets Anna Faris naked with a newspaper over his dick. Delilah Darling has a history of banging a collective pool of dudes with shitty circus-sounding names and shitty personalities to match that no one in their right minds would ever want to bang, let alone WRITE about banging Tim the Townie? Delaware Pepper?? Grody Gourdy??? Why not just add in Krusty the Clown? Twenty pages later, Delilah is laid off from her job, but inexplicably has enough unemployment money to go on a road trip across America hitting up her exes one at a time in the hopes of rekindling a relationship with THE ONE, which is clearly supposed to be a reformed shitty carnival dude.


Карин Боснак — рецензии на книги


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