Share Blacksmithing is a Skill that allows you to forge new equipment for your character as well as use Repair Kits more efficiently. Weapons and Armor lose durability when used and eventually require repair. Repairing equipment at NPCs costs gold, and the price increases the worse condition the item is in. Repair Kits can be bought for under gold at various blacksmithies and used to fully repair an item no matter the condition, making them a much better investment.

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Click here to recommend this item to other users. About the Author C-II. Equipment C-IV. Skills C-V. Abilities C-VI. This build focuses on maxing your spell damage to the point where you can one-shot all non-boss monsters without potions or reckoning mode on Hard difficulty.

You can one-shot the final boss on Hard Difficulty with potion buffs in reckoning mode. And at the same time, you wil be incredibly tanky with a huge health pool over HP , damage mitigation, as well as life steal from your summon. Eventually the gameplay becomes you running into a middle of a group, casting Meteor, one-shot everything, explore and find another group, cast Meteor. If you fight a boss, go into reckoning mode, cast Meteor.

You can also use Faeblades or a Longsword with 2 Flawless Arcane components in the same weapon. So you can have 4 with Primary and Secondary. Then add on life steal from Faer Gorta. You can get the components through Blacksmithing and Sagecrafting.

Blacksmithing If you see an item with the stats listed above, you can Salvage the components off of them. Even though the item name is "of the Inferno", the component name will be Flamed. So watch out for those. Plus you get some for racial bonus, trainers, and skill books.

Use this to help you not waste points. Then you can re-spec to get some gems through Sagecrafting and re-spec to get points back afterwards. Then when it comes time to start crafting items, re-spec using a Fateweaver. Every ability can go past their nmax level by 2 levels e. Reset using a Fateweaver to get back the default points in Might and Finesse.

Not very useful otherwise, even with Chain Lightning upgrade. Sphere of Protection Useless at the beginning. Only useful when you unlock Sphere of Retribution upgrade since it can keep enemies from interrupting your spells.

Mark of Flame Probably your most used spellGreat damage and low cooldown. Max it first. Summon Faer Gorta Your best friend. He steals health from enemies and gives it to you. Keeps your health full. Though he does like to run around killing chickens and crabs and proc the battle music randomly.

Max everything this guy has ASAP. Healing Surge Saves you pots. Restores percentage health by using percentage mana. You only need 1 point until the end.

Elemental Rage Cool looking spell. Not too useful though. Sometimes you vacuum in the enemy, and they hit you before you can cast the next spell. You can mess around and vacuum everyone in with the first spell, then cast Meteor afterwards. Tempest This spell is pretty good. AoE knockdown around you with low cooldown. Good at chain stunning minibosses. I use this spell as a clean up after casting Meteor, when Meteor is on cooldown, stun locking minibosses, or if someone is immuned to fire.

Meteor Your best spell. So you just run in the middle of a group of enemies, one-shot everything, keep exploring until you find another group. Weak damage but good utility. Keeps the enemies slowed so you can cast your spells without danger. After maxing both skills, put the 3 remaining points into Adrenaline Surge. Warsworn Faction - Choose to betray the Warsworn. Buy everything you want and do all the Warsworn quests before completing this quest line because after you betray them, the Warsworn becomes hostile.

Fearless - Imbued with the tempered indifference of Archsage Caledus, no foe or challenge gives you pause. Not bravado, not chivalry. Pragmatism is your ally in combat - - evading stronger foes and crippling them at their weakest. It is very rewarding. Go play the game!

If you need to contact me, you can find me on: IRC moba irc.

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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Guides

Zolora Craft the desired gear with components created in kingdos. The first milestone in Blacksmithing unlocks the option to find materials on certain animalsand additional components can be salvaged from weapons or armor. What it means is, you can practically create gear with stats of 4 different gems. R in subject line. So, if you find anything wrong or missing, do let me know. Ya that island is great kingdpms blacksmithing.





Kingdoms of Amalur Blacksmithing Guide





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