What does LEED stand for? Which website can you get information about green buildings and the Indian Green Building Council? Who can become members of IGBC? Any organisation Arch, consult, Builder, instituiton etc 6.

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What does LEED stand for? Which website can you get information about green buildings and the Indian Green Building Council? Who can become members of IGBC? Any organisation Arch, consult, Builder, instituiton etc 6. Which member of the team needs to be a IGBC member for the project to claim the discount? Owner 7. What is the most recommended time for a project register for rating through IGBC? Initial Design Stage 9. At which stage should a project select the rating system the project will be following?

Feasibility study Which area should not be considered in calculation of fees? Parking area What is the next stage after the registration form is submitted on IGBC website? CIR What does the project team receive after a project is registered with IGBC?

What is a CIR? Credit Interpretation Ruling What steps should you take before filing a CIR? What is Pre Certification?

To market the project, apply for the leed rating proposed with submittals. Which rating systems can you apply for Pre certification? Can a project be denied credits in pre certification submittal? Yes How often should project team update IGBC on status of project after pre certification?

Every 6 months If a project is achieving 45 credits and missing one pre requisite, can it still apply for certification?

No What items should be submitted with the application for certification? All building drawings, Filled in Leed india Templates Calculations How long does IGCB take to perform preliminary review?

What are the contents of Preliminary Review report? Where are the fees available for certification and what are the fees based on? Is there a discount for IGBC members? How much time is given for project team to respond to Preliminary review?

Name the 2 stages at which on site inspection takes place? During construction On receiving the final review, what are the options for a project team? Accept or appeal How long does a project team have to appeal 15 working days How much does an appeal cost?

Who reviews an Appeal? What documents should be submitted? What is the difference between CIR and Clarification? On which website can you find the information on certified projects and accredited individuals of IGBC in India? What are the 5 major chapters in LEED rating system? What are the 4 levels of LEED certification a project can achieve? Platinum, Gold, Silver, Certified 3. Is erosion and sedimentation control mandatory for a NC project? Yes 4. Which type of projects can NC rating system be applied to?

What is a major renovation? What does erosion and sedimentation control helps to protect? Protect the top soil, air pollution reduce, improve water quality 7. What are the different types of seeding? What impact does mulching have?

Earth dike, Silt fencing, Sediment trap, Sediment basin NBC part 10, chapter 1, section -4 What types of sites are inappropriate for green buildings?

What is a farmland? Who lists endangered species in India? Wild life institute of India What is the minimum distance between site and wet land?

Is development on parkland appropriate? What is the minimum density onsite and in calculated radius to achieve SSC2? What is a site with environmental or chemical contamination called? Brown field What are the 2 options for Alt Trns C4, public transportation access? How many bus stops and bus lines are required to achieve the credit? What is the intent of encouraging alternative fuel vehicles?

What are requirements if Alternative fuel vehicles are provided? What are the requirements if recharge stations are provided? Is it better to meet or exceed the local parking requirements? Meet Not to exceed Parking nearer to entrance, core, next to handicapped parking How can we minimize site disturbance in a Green Field site?

By use less area for construction work, less disturbance to vegetation How much area of site should have vegetation to achieve SSC5. Run off coefficients are higher for which materials? Asphalt, Concrete, brick In any development should post development run off be higher or less than pre development run off? Should be less than.


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