Nach Ausbruch des Ersten Weltkrieges arbeitete sie ab als freiwillige Helferin in einem Wiener Lazarett, wo sie die verschiedensten medizinischen Labortechniken handhaben lernte. Hier begegnete sie auch dem jungen Assistenzarzt Eugen Kolisko , dessen Ehefrau sie wurde. Wie wunderbar war es erst, als die Versuche bis zur Nun dehnt man die Versuchsreihe weiter aus. Man verdoppelt die Anzahl der Potenzen bis zur Und wiederum versucht man, die Reihe der Potenzen zu erweitern bis zur

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It is very unlikely that any change will be made without the full assent of all those authorities. The legal foundation for changing the date of Easter has been in law since the Easter Act of But for it to be changed, churches need to assent to it — though the law allows the Government to simply decide to fix the date, authorities have deferred to churches since it was passed.

Since the fourth century, the date of Easter has fallen on the first Sunday, after the first full moon, after the spring equinox. That means that it can vary hugely from year-to-year. In for example, Easter Sunday will fall on April 16, and in it will be on April 1. These experiments demonstrate clearly that on the true date of Easter, there is an influx of cosmic energies of resurrection to the Earth. It will be yet another triumph for the oppositional forces if this energy is not used on the true Easter day.

Just before Easter, I decided to write to Justin Welby to ask him to re-consider. The proposal is at an early stage of discussion between the main Christian denominations.

It was a sobering thought to discover there was more true feeling and understanding of Easter in that simple gathering than exists among all the primates and popes of the Christian denominations. Mr Welby would like to retire knowing that he has secured a fixed date for Easter — this would be his legacy.


Lili Kolisko

Her first meeting with anthroposophy occurred in She was working at the time as a volunteer helper in a hospital where she met her later husband Eugene Kolisko. During this time she learned practical laboratory methods, among others including: growing bacterial cultures; doing blood smears and learned the basics of microscopy — essential skills for her later research activities. It made a powerful and immediate impression on her.


Kolisko Effect

Among these teachings was the observation that certain planets rule certain metals. For example, according to traditional astrological wisdom, the Sun rules gold and the Moon, silver. Other metals said to have rulers include mercury Mercury , copper Venus , iron Mars , tin Jupiter , lead Saturn. Steiner taught that the rulership is especially in effect when these elements are in liquid solution. To Kolisko, this teaching suggested that during certain aspects of the ruling planet, especially when it was involved in a conjunction with an additional planet, the behavior of the metal might be altered. To test this hypothesis Kolisko carried out a series of experiments in which metallic salts were dissolved and the solutions then allowed to crystallize on filter paper. Kolisko hypothesized that if the position of the planets had any effect then the patterns of the resulting crystals would be changed as the planets, aspects shifted.


About Lili Kolisko


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