Malik marked it as to-read May 31, Above mentioned procedure it for men. Abdul Rahman al-Aydarus Sh. The main Hanafi books, such as The Hashiya of Ibn Abidin, al-Hidayah and al-Mabsut were referred to, as well as consultation from some of the most eminent scholars. Maraqi al falah Alim al-Siddiqui Sh. The goal of the class is simple: The lessons will be recorded for those unable to attend live.

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The lessons will be recorded for those unable to attend live. Fiqh is deep knowledge, with understanding of nuances and implications.

The purpose in this mastery is to seek the pleasure of Allah, through benefitting oneself and others by preserving, acting upon, and transmitting this noble Prophetic inheritance.

The means to mastery would be through understanding of eight matters related to the text: 1. Tawdih clarification of the text, in expression and indication 2. Taqyid conditioning the text, where essential conditions are needed 3.

Tafsil detailing the text, where essential details are needed 4. Tadlil understanding the legal proofs for the rulings of the text The expectations from the students would be to: 1. Prepare for the class, by [a] thorough reading of the matn; [b] careful reading of the commentary—with focus on the legal details and reasoning mentioned in the commentary; [c] preparing properly thought-out questions related to the text and its implications.

It is encouraged, especially for more advanced students, to research key issues in the reference works, commentaries, and other complete works on the fiqh of worship. This is not an expectation. Students are welcome to email the instructor for advice on this. Review of the class notes and text. Research of issues that arise is encouraged, and asking questions regarding things that remain unclear is essential. The more you can keep reviewing the text especially the matn , the better. Test yourself, by checking whether you remember the key details.

Diagramming the text helps. Take notes. It is best to write out the matn itself, and essentials from the commentary such as the key details and reasoning. This is also good Arabic writing practice. And Allah alone gives success.


Fath al-Fatah : Sharh Maraqi al-falah





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