Notations on Rabindra Sangeet. Read About Notation Rabindranath was reluctant to publish notations of his compositions. Reasons behind are several. Unlike in Western Music the totality of Hindustani Music is never expressed through a notation. That is due to the complex movement of the tune.

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Protecting Originality of Rabindra Sangeet Rabindranath had once exchanged his thoughts on the reasons behind holding the right alter his creations, especially the musical compositions of Rabindra Sangeet. Quite a arguments were exchanged between the two on the subject where Sri Roy argued in favor of liberalizing a singer. Rabindranath was determined to maintain originality. Viswa Bharati University had taken over the responsibility to protect Rabindra Sangeet from being hacked and done so efficiently until the last decade when it had lost the right.

A music board was in charge of the productions those were about to hit the market or queued for airing through All India Radio or the Doordarshan. Qualified experts endorsed the song that was in its purest form in all means.

Notations were vividly followed, lyrics checked, styles assessed and the accompaniments were seen that they complied with the known style. The system was not free from errors and complaints against the institution raised often, yet it guarded the qualitative downfall of Rabindra Sangeet at least. After the death of the great exponent in the copyright went to Viswa Bharati for 50 years. It also enjoyed an extension of another 10 years from Expectation for another period of extension crept in with the assurance from the then Prime Minister Mr.

Atal Behari Vajpayee on , but may be people from other corners were more active against the move — the copyright exhausted on 1st January Some people were enthralled just like one would rejoice after being free from the bondage. Market was immediately filled with books from other publishers that were no longer rendered as counterfeit and priced at even less than one fifth of that from Viswa Bharati. Collections of different works even edited by Rabindranath himself were severely compromised.

Yes people had more access to these books. It was more damaging when singers tried to modernize Rabindra Sangeet. Some even argued that songs written close to a century ago needs massive overhaul. This is a shock to any Rabindra Sangeet lover. In the last decade we have seen lyrics of some well known songs to have been adopted for some other songs that have no connection with Rabindra Sangeet. Compositions broken at will, tunes altered…, sometimes I think all these were done deliberately to tarnish the image of Rabindranath.

Even some singers of repute are seen to advocate and practice Rabindra Sangeet with hard accompaniment and that is non-compliant with the notations. Not to mention about the styles they follow, as they are far from what we are accustomed to hear. This is a disgraceful act. This is to be stopped with immediate effect. I have got no idea how it can be done but a university or an authentic institution should be brought in so that they can guide the rest.

An act in the name of heritage or something like that should be brought in force so that these unethical acts are checked. Just think of somebody Austria trying to challenge the compositions of Mozart. I have no doubt that he would end up behind the bars. Posted by.


Rabindra Sangeet

ABC is designed to be easy to learn and use, rather than functioning as a complete notation system. At its simplest, it can appear as a list of note names, with a few numbers to show notes of different lengths. There are other advantages of adding ornaments to the tunes and rhythmic feel. More in the next issue….. From Bengali language point of view, we are proud of the vastness and richness of Rabindrasangeet. However, there are some limitations in regard to musical sensitivity.. An automatic process follows the rules which govern it and as sophisticated as can be these rules, it does not have in itself any musical sensitivity

ASTM E331 00 PDF

Milan's ABC Notation of Rabindra Sangeet


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