Plot[ edit ] The futuristic plot originally revolved around three characters [5] being stranded on a planet located in the frontiers of known space a "rim world" , where their space liner crashed. As time goes on, more characters will join the colony. They can either join of their own free will , or they can be taken prisoner and talked into joining the colony. The game can end when at least one character has escaped the planet on a spaceship , or when they are all dead. Gameplay[ edit ] This section may contain material discouraged by the manual of style for video game subjects. Please help by removing content such as lists of minutiae or a detailed description of how to play a game, and rewriting the article in an encyclopedic style.

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We find Captain Roberts the Stellar Fox sent out on a mission to end the attackers on the rim worlds. But things are not what he believes, the commonwealth are helping a pirate with the attacks. But Captain Roberts is just the man to lead the response.

I really enjoyed this instalment of Kyle Roberts of the Castle Federation. It was a straight forward space adventure with Roberts getting to be a Captain without too much political and espionage BS impacting his job.

It was enjoyable reading and it held up well if you read it in sections - one the bus to and from work, rather than in one big gulp say to 1. I liked that Kyle got to be simply a Captain.

He got to be I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. He got to be something of a shoulder to cry on for his senior officers, he got to dress down those who needed it and as a reader it was nice to not have to question every action and wonder if they were the traitor or going to become one.

I liked where this story ended and believe the next instalment could be seriously fun reading. I love the diversity in the books. I think it is wonderful that we have people and relationships that are all sorts of mixes and it simply just is.

I would really appreciate a rank listing for each group - Alliance, Commonwealth, Coraline etc to help counter this. I also think the author missed a golden opportunity in the opening chapter to remind me of exactly who James Tecumseh was.

There was no way I would have remembered he was THAT captain and it is only mentioned in the book about half way through. That detail would have added volumes to his character and to my reading experience of him. It could have easily been done with, please forgive my writing I look forward to the next instalment.

This is part a Military Sci-Fi series with some epic starship battles, Stewart does an outstanding job of writing the strategy and tactics of fleet and ship movements from the largest ships, to the scrapping This is the 5th in the series following the Career of Captain Kyle Roberts in the Castle Federation, a union of human planets that is a state of war with the Terran Empire, another seat of humanity with a different political agenda that wants to have all of humanity under its domination.

This is part a Military Sci-Fi series with some epic starship battles, Stewart does an outstanding job of writing the strategy and tactics of fleet and ship movements from the largest ships, to the scrapping between the fighter jocks, making any of the engagements a real thrill to read. The other part is more Space Opera, in which Stewart follows the lives of some key characters as well as the political situation between the various Galactic Empires. Stewart has done an amazing job of writing this detailed and complex system of different political entities, with not just the Castle Federation and the Terran Commonwealth, but also several other Galactic empires.

Each of these has significant interplay with the politics and society of the others, making for a fascinating interplay. In Rimward Stars, Stewart reminds us that an entity such as the Castle Federation is made up of a multitude of different entities, each providing various elements to the greater good in return for protection.

So what happens when they call in that protection? As stated above, and with all the other books, the starship combat is brilliant in this book, Stewart puts in so much effort into detailing how battles play out to give proper realism to the story.


Galactic Directions



Outer Rim Territories



Rimward Stars


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