Masters and G. The community has since grown and spawned several sub-projects. Abele resigned from the project to focus on their own projects, including the Lithium web framework previously part of the CakePHP project. The remaining development team continued to focus on the original roadmap that was previously defined.

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The full plugin documentation can be found directly in the repository. If you open up the add action, we can add comma separated tags like Foo, Bar and they would be displayed when you open up the edit action. You can modify and see that this also works already. Only very few lines and a few configuration flags and you got a whole bunch of functionality out of the box for your application.

Time so far: 10 minutes. Time so far: 20 minutes. Time total: 30 minutes max. You can see that adding functionality like this can be hooked in rather easily in such a convention driven framework. Check out the awesome list for a few more of those. The default bake templates can guide you here.

They come with good defaults out of the box. This way you prevent XSS vulnerabilities. Combining it with filtering You can easily combine the tagged custom finder with e. Search plugin. This way you can add a filter to your paginated index action. An example of the generated SQL can be seen here. Adding an untagged filter In some cases you want to allow filtering for all records without tags.

Tags backend The plugin itself does not ship with controllers or routing. You can easily add this yourself in your application, though. More advanced usage and configuration Auto-complete, validation, colors, scopes namespaces , AJAX, counters and counter caches, …: See the plugin directly. Whatever is missing: Feel free to PR pull request enhancements here.

A live demo and some showcases can be found in the sandbox.


Pasos de Instalación

It helps you to specify which schema you can use. Log This term helps you to perform query logging. Init A list of queries which should be sent to the database server whenever the connection is created. It is a dynamic way to build the prime mechanism of a web application. The model, the view, and the Controller- separate each other. Views: Used for all output and displays. Step 3 It sends a database request to the Model and Controller updates the model.


CakePHP Tutorial

It offers a different set of basic functionalities of PHP frameworks. It is also implemented on MVC like powerful architecture. It is mainly implemented in maintaining, developing the applications in a much easier and convenient way. The presence of different libraries helps to implement the different features in a much easier way.


CakePHP - Services


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