Is this world real? What does Vairagya mean? Vairagya is defined as detachment from the material world. It is a state of being free from vasanas or mental attachment to worldly pleasures. Vairagya means dispassion towards sensual enjoyment.

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He showed that contentment is the source of happiness. Bhartrhari has experimented with all the common rhythms. Examples of everyday life are exemplified. Looking at the world in the face of a ascetic and patient yogi, he has warned those who are practising worldly affairs. While doing various activities in this world, I do not think it will be good for me to earn a living. In the end, there is nothing but pain and suffering, I think it is all a crisis for the person who is engrossed in enjoying the worldly things.

What I did not do because of this greed! Dug in several places to find a large treasure to be buried! Find all the metals on the mountain and filter them! First of all, find the bottom of the sea, hearing that there are precious objects in the sea, such as pearls, coral, etc.! In the hope that the king will offer money and rewards, man will serve the king and try to please him! By doing all this he gets nothing.

Therefore, avarice is futile. Owing to greed I wandered into many remote areas, travelled many countries through rocky paths, but all of them yielded nothing. I put aside my pride when I served a rich man in hopes of food and rewards. Greed for money kept me from working, but all failed.

I ate it on the other hand with the desire to get some money or reward, the meal was full of contempt, but I shamelessly ate it down the neck, like a raven. As the crow flies away with a scoop of food, I ate food setting aside my dignity. Greed thus drove me into the guilt of misery and sin. Now I am living in the forest, abandoning everything because of recourse. Yet greed is chasing me. Because of temptation I suffered humiliation, depression, malice, etc.

On such occasions, I kept the tears in my eyes, while crying I kept an artificial smile on my lips. I know how to keep myself calm at that time. People in this world do not know what has happened. Every day these people see that someone died, someone was in crisis, one was born, another left the world.

It seems that the people did not understand this world for they are in the clutches of avarice and greed. These people have no attention to the bitter truth of the world. The sun rises, the sun goes down, the day arrives - the night comes, the night goes - the people do not notice that their life is being reduced by one day due to this mutability. These people are obsessed with everyday practice; they do not notice the time.

They are not afraid of birth, death, illness, suffering, poverty. Of course, they are addicted to greed and temptation. That is why people are so ignorant. The world is shocked by the suffering of the world; a person who is a recluse is free from this pain. An old man is contemplating - "All the desires of the senses are exhausted, the passions are spent and the senses are relaxed, the desire for delicious food is lost, the dignity and respect in the society is gone.

He cannot stand on his legs properly due to debility, disease and old age. He is trying to stand up with the support of his staff; his vision is impaired, the body has become weak, but the fear of death frightens him.

Man does not get anything without trying because he is the best creature that God has created. Man is able to sail the worldly ocean through his intellect, but God has made it difficult for him to earn his livelihood.

When it comes to food, all his qualities like love, kindness, service, etc. Some people are lazy. They spend no time on meditation. In this way, people who have wasted their lives are remorseful.

They consider themselves unlucky. In the latter part of life, people think that they have led a happy and contented life and have enjoyed all material pleasures. But, in fact, the material pleasures have consumed them.

Their power, their intellect, all vanished in the passage of time. It was the material goods themselves that destroyed them. There is no end to consumable things in the world; people want to consume or relish them all in their short span of life.

They suffer through physical afflictions throughout their lives. Time is immortal; it exists in the past, present and future, and is eternal. Man is mortal. But his interest in the physical things does not leave him till the last moment of his life. His passion and thirst for physical things is endless but in trying to get all pleasures, man wastes or spends himself.

The worldly person performs all good deeds: forgiveness, penance, meditation, etc. They do not get the reward of good deeds because they did not do those deeds intentionally. They did those deeds for they did not have any other option. They forgave someone for not doing any harm to them, they abandoned the physical things, but it was not for the sake of sacrifice. The yogi men renounce all enjoyment, but they are satisfied that they are compelled to do so.

The physical comforts, the foods, the things that are dear to man, will stay with him for some time. Home, expensive clothes, agriculture, etc, a man has to leave them one day.

Whether the material things have left them or they have abandoned the material things, there is always pain and suffering and a feeling of separation. But there is a difference, those material things leave a human being one day or the other, someone will rob him or a house is burned and it is consumed in fire, it is very sad, and when we renounce ourselves from it, the mind finds great peace and happiness. Such happiness comes from a man who has willingly sacrificed all material things.

The beggar somehow feeds his stomachs by begging and puts on torn clothes. He has no friends. His body is his friend. Even though he sleeps on the ground, this beggar does not leave the lust for material things, the craving for the physical pleasures, and this poor man could not escape the lust.

How strong is the loop of temptations! People see beauty in all earthly things, whether flowers, mountain, vaults, river, or women, but those who lead ascetic life do not have any fascination for the worldly pleasures and they observe absurdity in all these earthly and material things.

The worldly people and poets describe the beauty of women. They compare the face of beautiful women with full moon. But those who have been leading ascetic way of life do not see any beauty in it. Vairagyashatak An insect is attracted by the light of a lamp and its body burns in that flame.

The ignorant insect does not know that this attraction will take his life. He is destroyed by this temptation. In the same way, other fish get attracted to the bait and get entangled in the hook and lose their life. These ignorant creatures are ignorant, but human beings, indulge in avarice and take on trouble. But their temptation does not go away. Why should a man listen to the bitter words of the neo-rich while living in the world, why should he be a slave, and why should he always suffer humiliation?

Why do people listen to people who are proud of their wealth when God has made everything possible to make life better in this world? In the forest there are fruits to live, water to drink, God has provided the bed like a land, and clothes to cover the body, so why listen to the bitter words of the neo-rich? Why be humiliated by those whose minds have been confused and their senses are weakened due to liquor?

With the little money available, people swell with pride, even those who have become rich recently, behave arrogantly. But with so little money they become boastful and feel proud of their so called achievement. In the past there were many emperors, and kings who had generosity and magnanimity of hearts who created the new world.

They formed a new sovereign ideal state. They conquered many countries, regions. But without being proud, they kept a generous spirit in their mind. They despised wealth and donated it to the needy.

But in this world, there are some people, who, despite having little land and wealth, swell with pride and despise others. Vairagyashatak The king is proud of his vast wealth, and terrain, and he does not respect the scholar. The king is the master of the terrain, so he is blinded with pride; the scholars are rich in their study. King is famous for his wealth, while scholars are famous for their studies. Many scholars have won the hearts of people with their knowledge.

Therefore, there is no significant difference between kings and scholars in terms of wealth, glory and fame. The scholars are very satisfied with their solitary life and they lead their life with contentment. Many kings have passed over this land and they have used and exploited this land and they have to go through the land over time but this land is here.

A king owns a vast region, but a person with very little land should not boast of his greatness.


Raja Bharthari- The King who became a monk

He showed that contentment is the source of happiness. Bhartrhari has experimented with all the common rhythms. Examples of everyday life are exemplified. Looking at the world in the face of a ascetic and patient yogi, he has warned those who are practising worldly affairs. While doing various activities in this world, I do not think it will be good for me to earn a living. In the end, there is nothing but pain and suffering, I think it is all a crisis for the person who is engrossed in enjoying the worldly things.



King Bharthari was the pride of his race — courageous, just, learned and passionate. His citizens revered him, his wives loved him and his enemies feared him. Bharthari cave in Ujjain Bharthari was an intellectual and a philosopher. In the prime of his youth, enamoured with his youngest wife Pingala, he penned down verses on love and beauty.


Sachitra Bharthari Shatak (Vairagya, Neeti, Shringar Shatak)





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