Description Questions? They have hot water just no central heating? Do I buy a new receiver? A: If there are no lights when you press CH1 to override it, then either the receiver is not getting power or it has failed and needs replacing. Q: We have an rx1 and a tpsi along with controller.

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Description Questions? They have hot water just no central heating? Do I buy a new receiver? A: If there are no lights when you press CH1 to override it, then either the receiver is not getting power or it has failed and needs replacing. Q: We have an rx1 and a tpsi along with controller. We have only recently moved to the property so would it be worth trying to sync up or done a need a new panel? Thanks A: Its worth trying to rebind them first. Q: We have two receivers and two thermostats - one for upstairs and one for downstairs.

However it works fine for our evening heating. Any ideas what could be wrong? A: This is normally caused a a wiring issue. More details on your system would be needed.

Q: Hi there My green light on the rx1 receiver does not come on does this suggest its not working as my thermostat does not control the boiler ive tried syncing it and the batteries are fine but no avail the boiler works by pressing the ch1 button but its on all the time and the thermostatic control on rads dont work so constantly on till i turn off.

Thanks Shay. A: Hi. It sounds like the communication has failed. Unfortunately it could either the thermostat or receiver that has failed. I would recommend replacing both. A: Check if the CH1 light comes on and off.

If there is a motorised valve check if that that is operating. Q: Hi. We have bought a property with a wall mounted thermostat but no controller. Can we buy a separate controller so that we can programme when the heating comes on? Is there an easy answer, as this has happened before and pressing the ch1 button enabled the red light to come on again A: Make sure the RX1 has power to it.

How do I get the heating on without one? Looking at the previous threads it looks like I need to press the CH button. Should it be red to operate the boiler? Many thanks A: Hi. Yes that is correct. Q: I have a faulty rx1-s, I have been unable to find a new one. Is the rx1 a directly replaceable unit for the rx1-s? A: No it is not a suitable replacement. My RX1 seems to have stopped working as I cannot turn on the heating by overriding the thermostat by pressing CH1.

My Thermostat seems to be working as it indicates it is calling for heat when I turn it up but how can I find out if this is correct or if the thermostat is no longer transmitting and whether the RX1 needs to be replaced?

Give support a call on They will talk you through some tests. Q: I have recently moved into a property that has an RX-1 controlling the boiler and a new TP controller.

I have followed the instructions to pair the two together, but I do not see any green light at all on the RX-1 when undertaking the pairing procedure or at any other time. Is it possible there is a malfunction with the RF function of the RX-1? A: It is possible the prog button has failed, meaning it cannot be put into pairing mode. Q: The RX1 CH1 light comes on when called for by the transmitter but the combi boiler does not fire up.

The CH1 light does not come on when pressed manually. Does this indicate a faulty RX1 receiver? If so do we need just a new receiver or both transmitter and receiver? A: You would need to check the output to be certain, but it does sound like a faulty RX1.

As long as the warranty expiry sticker on your existing RX1 is later than July , you will not need to change the transmitter. Heating starts if I set it going manually, or with the timer. Is the receiver faulty, or is there something I can try doing before calling a heating engineer in? A: If it is connected to a motorised valve, then check if the motorised valve is opening. If it is connected to a combi, then the check will require a multimeter to check the output of the RX1.

The prog light should only flash once every 30mins or on a change of status when it receives a command from the thermostat.

Q: I am trying to commission a Danfoss RX1 wireless receiver. As I understand it the unit should communicate for 3 minutes but nothing seems to be happening. Any help would be great - Thanks A: The procedure can vary depending on the model. Give technical a call on They will talk you through it. The batteries in the thermostat have run down and the display is blank, nothing flashing. A: No. You should not need to re-commission.

Q: Good Morning, Just recently moved into a House that has the Danfoss RX 1, and the previous owner has misplaced it, at the moment we do not want to have to spend any more funds on having to get one, could you please tell me if I can bypass the receiver for the time being.

Kind Regards, Stuart. Q: Please explain what program button is for and how to use it just moved into property with this system and why does ch1 keep coming on and firing boiler up? A: The prog button is used to bind it to the wireless thermostat. When the wireless thermostat calls for heat, the light will come on and the boiler will fire. Q: what colour is the CH1 light when the heating is on?

A: It is red. There are no lights at all on the RX1 even when we press the buttons is it likely that we need to purchase a replacement?

Thanks A: Check the RX1 is receiving power. If it is receiving power, then it will need to be replaced. Are these sold separately? You should have a separate control for your hot water unless it is a combi boiler Q: Which button do I press for the RX1 to work? A: To over-ride the thermostat and bring the boiler on, then you press the CH1 button.

Q: Is there a manual for the RX1 and how can I obtain one if there is? A: Yes, you can download it from the downloads tab. Q: If the communication is lost with the Thermostat how can this be restored?

A: You can press the button on the receiver to override it. Follow the instructions of the thermostat to rebind it to the receiver. Q: Are smart heating thermostat control units available that are compatible with the RX1 receiver?

Q: can i use two receivers on one programmer as i have a large property with two boilers and want then to work from one programmer if it can A: Yes you can. A: Yes, as long as the warranty expiry date is after July Q: I would like to know what the prog button does and the channel button does?

If I press the channel button the red light comes on all the time and the heating pump comes on , could you explain please. Is there a manual I can get? A: The prog button is for binding it to a thermostat. The channel button is an over-ride when communication with the thermostat has been lost. Q: On the RX1, what and when do the two lights come on? A: The receiver status light flashes when the receiver is receiving a signal from the thermostat.

The CH1 light is on when it is calling for heat. Q: Hi, we are having a problem with out RX1 receiver. The channel light keeps going off therefore our heating goes off. We have tried resetting the thermostat control and linking it back up to the receiver but the light still goes off. A: Sounds like you have got a faulty transmitter or receiver. Q: Hello. Is the Danfoss RX1 battery powered? Would this be a suitable replacement please? A: It is mains powered, as are all wireless receivers.

If you want to install the receiver in place of the Digistat, then you will need to add a mains connections. Otherwise you will need to install the receiver near your wiring centre or boiler depending on your system type Showing 1 to 34 of 34 1 Pages Ask a question about Danfoss Randall RX1 Wireless Receiver Your Name:.


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