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Before operating this unit, please read these instructions carefully to ensure the best possible performance. These instructions are for AV-PE. Smooth, High Resolution Images XGA output with high frame rate of 20 fps enabling smooth high resolution image display. Page 3: Table Of Contents Indicates the page numbers or items to refer to.

Unauthorized reproduction of this manual whether in full or in part is prohibited. Camera Arm Supporting arm for the camera head. Adjust its angle when shooting 3-dimensional objects. Arm Lock For adjusting the length of camera. Release the lock when retracting or extending the camera arm and lock it at the adjusted position. If this button is pressed continuously, the image will stop enlarging at the optical zoom tele end and thereafter digital zoom will be activated.

Right Illumination Left Illumination Camera Head Camera Arm Lock Camera Arm Lock Stage Caution Lift up the right illumination Lift up the left illumination Lift up the camera head camera arm Hold the camera arm and hold down the unit firmly while slowly lifting the camera head until it reaches its maximum position and stops.

Page Connection Connection Install according to the following steps. Example Poor lighting. Example Focus is out. Example Correctly adjusted. Adjusting the arm and camera head Adjust the arm and camera head in accordance with the size of the object. Page Presenting 3-dimensional Objects Presenting 3-dimensional Objects 3-D object placed on the stage can be captured.

In addition, by adjusting the angle of the arm, the 3-D object can be captured at various angles. E Adjusting the arm and camera head Adjust the arm and camera head in accordance with the size of the object. Adjusting the image Adjust the zoom, brightness and focus.

Page Presenting Slide Films Presenting Slide Films Slide films with frame can be inserted directly into the camera head for presentation. Side illuminations Back Place the films and other transparent illumination materials on the stage Place the film at the centre of the stage and adjust the camera Page Capturing Images Through A Microscope Capturing Images Through a Microscope Images from the microscope can be captured by aligning the view piece of the microscope with the camera head.

Switching between camera images and images from the picture memory is possible while presentation is in progress. Up to 3 images can be saved. However, the white balance can be re-adjusted with the following steps.


JVC AV-P960E Instructions Manual

Use when mounting jgc LCD Monitor sold separately to this unit. Zeigt das Kamerabild an. In this casechange the image size slightly material. The quired to take adequate measures. Note Use only slide films with mounting frame.



The image is dark. Use when mounting the LCD Monitor sold separately to this unit. Other Items that are in the Same Category. Adjusting lighting button Adjust such that the object is evenly lighted. Good luck to the repair!

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