Analog Console. Mic Channels - 2 mic channels with optional 48V phantom power. Built Tough - professional throughout. The 0. Program with mono mixdown.

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B Equipment furnished by Seller, but manufactured by another, shall be warranted only to the extent provided by the other manufacturer. C Thermal filament devices such as lamps and fuses are expressly excluded from this warranty. D The warranty period on equipment or parts repaired or replaced under warranty shall expire upon the expiration date of the original warranty. F This Warranty is the only warranty made by Seller, and is in lieu of all other warranties, including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, whether expressed or implied, except as to title and to the expressed specifications contained in this manual.

Service Procedures Arrakis Systems assumes that its customers have on staff or access to competent technical personnel and adequate test equipment. If a product fails, Arrakis will first seek to ascertain the problem over the phone and solve it at the modular replacement level where we find the specific part s that have failed and repair or replace them.

This is the least expensive and time consuming solution for you. Depending on the circumstances and at our discretion, Arrakis will replace the specific PC board suspected to be at fault.

If replacing PC boards does not resolve the problem, then the console is to be returned to the factory where it will we repaired and returned to you. Repair time at the factory is normally two week days. If the customer chooses to repair the console in the field, then Arrakis will, at its sole discretion, send replacement parts under warranty. Arrakis can not warranty labor performed in the field.

Shipping- The customer is responsible for payment for shipping to the factory. Parts returned to the factory freight collect will be refused.

Return shipping over and above the cost of UPS ground will be born by the customer. In the case of international shipments, all cost of shipping and duties are born by the customer, both to and from the factory. Under no circumstances will Arrakis replace a defective console with a replacement console.


ARC-8: Cool, Affordable Stuff

It also led the way with its use of the RJ connection. These achievements put the ARC series ahead of its time and gives you the power you need for your station. Arrakis continues to lead the way in console innovation and are excited to introduce Bluetooth connectivity built into the ARCblue console. The Bluetooth technology allows you to connect to any Bluetooth enabled device.


Arrakis ARC-8 Bluetooth

Create an unlimited amount of Hot Key pages with custom names. Live Playlist - Create custom playlists for your live shows. Live Voice track - Quickly and Easily voice track your show live. Multi-Monitor Compatible - Connect 2 or more monitors, and place your modules anywhere on the screens, in exactly the format you want. User Profile Screens - Create custom user profiles, to quickly save the layout of your On-Air modules, the way you want.

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